Mesquite Balloon Festival

By Admin Published on January 20, 2016Seasonal & Holidays Travel and Leisure
Mesquite Balloon Festival

Mesquite Balloon Festival

Weary tourists looking for vacation hotspot can always head off to Mesquite Balloon Festival for blowing off some heat during the weekend, per se. The 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival will be inaugurated during the wee hours of the morning (7:30 a.m.), as more than 40-parachutes become airborne simultaneously in an attempt to win the race in Virgin Valley. Mesquite Balloon Festival is a pure family-festival with fun, food and night-long entertainment for the entire family. It’s the 5th year of Mesquite Balloon Festival which becomes the spectacle of beauty as 30-balloons launch simultaneously with the scenic Nevada backdrop at backhand. As the sun sets over the evening (6-7pm), the spectaculars will be treated to an amazing view of inflated balloons alight in mid-air in Casablanca Resort and Casino. The sightseers can get up, close and personal with the parachutes to sink in the once in a life experience. The mega-event will take place approximately 80-miles from Las Vegas. The 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival will be organized in Virgin Valley, situated close to Utah border, this Saturday-Sunday. The mega-event solely relies on a clear weather as last year’s event was cancelled due to fast winds. More so, there is no admission/ entry fee for Mesquite Balloon Festival. Miscellaneous Entertainment Entertainment and food will be provided at the grand event. More so, additional entertainment includes Popovich Comedy Pet Theater among other free shows. The event will cater to myriad of activities for all ages alike including champagne tasting, musical events and comedy shows. The event is expected to spring in motion on January 23-24. Sunday night will conclude the mega-event with Neil Diamond tribute show organized in showroom. Usually, the show is sold out prior to the event, so it’s best advised to purchase tickets beforehand. Conversing with Parachute Aficionados  Parachutes pilots and associated crew flock the 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival from various parts of America in an attempt to pursue their hobby and share the extravaganza that brings along with it. More so, pilots even share their experiences and passions with fans and on-lookers. Volunteering facilities are also available for balloon aficionados. As a result, Mesquite Balloon Festival is an all-in-one festival with standalone entertainment fiesta. Plan your plans accordingly and head out to experience a memorable event.



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