Plan your Own Easter Egg Hunt

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Plan your Own Easter Egg Hunt

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There is no better way to celebrate Easter with your kids than organizing Easter egg games, and the best of it would be your own Easter egg hunt! That way, you will have you Easter party completed and your kids occupied. We bring you some ideas and tips on how to organize your very own fun and interesting Easter egg hunt.

Planning for Easter Egg Hunt

First of all you have to plan every detail few days before Easter. That way you will have enough time to figure out what are best places to hide the “the treasure”, what will kids actually search for, difficulty of your hunt, the reward for the winner, etc.  

Location for Easter Egg Hunt:

Where to have Easter egg hunt and party

If you live in a house with a garden, you have an ideal location for Easter egg hunt. On the other hand, if you live in apartment, there must be a park in front of the building or somewhere near, where you can organize this fun activity.

Favors for Easter Egg Hunt:

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After you figured out the location, think about what would be the best “treasure” to hunt. Traditional Easter eggs are the symbol of this holiday, but kids will want to hunt something more exciting than that. Are we thinking the same? Yes, Designer Easter eggs! If you want to have the best designed Easter eggs in the market, visit amazing web shop CenturyNovelty. You’ll be able to buy some very unique Easter Party and Easter hunt decorations, with just a few clicks. Besides finding all the party supplies for your Grand Easter Egg Hunt, this web shop have Easter eggs coupons, deals and discounts, so you can purchase it by extremely low price. They have all kinds of Easter eggs, Gift Baskets, Egg Baskets, Fillers, toys, favors and all kind of other decorations you need to throw this party.

Favors for easter egg hunt and party

For the starters hide several favor filled Easter eggs in the path you want kids to follow, like the Hansel and Gretels bread crumbs. But let those “crumbs” confuse them, so that the next candy would be on the opposite side. Hide Easter Tootsie Rolls in the flowers, to make it less noticeable. Put the box of delicious Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Truffles For $27.50 and decorated with cute Easter candy on the bench and cover it with a jacket to make the search more interesting. If there are some bushes in a garden or a park, hide White Easter egg pop (5 pieces for $7.99) in the first one, and Brown Easter egg pop in the next one. For the end of the pursuit, put the Large Cream Eggs Box($24.99) on the tree to seem like he’s peeking from up there. You know the rules, whoever finds the most candies wins the prize. By the end of pursuit kids will only want those delicious candies from their loot. So the best prize for the winner of your hunt would definitely be a Lego Set each for boys and girls with a 20% off Easter Sale going on now. So there you have it. Throw an amazing party and make memories for your kids and their friends which will be cherished for a long time.  

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