How to find the best deals on Black Friday

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How to find the best deals on Black Friday

Black Friday deals 2016

It’s officially our favorite time of the year, well for most of us anyway. Though winters cold plays a part in it, it’s the actual shopping festivities that draw our attention the most. Being one of the most overwhelming days to shop in the entire calendar year, you’ll be seeing crowded shops, jam-packed stalls offers and promotions from stores, who are themselves looking to oust each other in market price competition. But as is the case every year, the real deal in this is how to track what’s going on, when and where the deals are going to come up, so you are all geared up to snatch them before stocks run out on you. Now it’s no hidden secret that you get the thing first if you get there first. But, if you’re all lazy and last-minute bloomers like me, you better have some tricks up your sleeve to snatch the best deals out there. Thankfully enough for us, me included, I have just the right checklist to go about this.

Know the viability of the products you shopped for on Black Friday

Black Friday is a great event no doubt, but won’t the stores also be displaying the not so desired products at incredibly low rates as well? While the numbers will seem heavenly to all, a bad product will stay a bad one, even if it is priced at half its usual price. If you come across some impressive deals, go open another tab to search out the product before hitting the “Add to Cart” tab, no matter how tantalizing it might be. Without any research, you’ll just end up with a hefty cart to checkout, which usually ends up giving everything away in confusion.

Compare prices for your desired product

OK, so your selected products passed the reviews. Seems legit, but is it at the cheapest rate you could find? A great way to do that is to visit any online price comparison sites. More often than not, you’ll find your selected product listed on another shopping portal at a lower price tag, or perhaps with added perks.

Hit the deals as early as possible

Just like Kickstarter campaigns, the early birds and bidders used to be the most rewarded during Black Friday sales. But the stores have since come a long way from that, introducing doorbuster sales, promotions during specific hours of the day or mall gift offer on a specific amounts of spending.

Pick out some favorite stores

Now before you hop on the Black Friday sales train, it is best practice to have at least a few of your favorite stores in mind. Make up a list of top stores and narrow it down to the ones which you visit mostly for shopping. That will narrow down the search and save you considerable time in your “Quest for Stuff”.

Get in front of the queue with Online Shopping 

Alright so you decide to get up early in the morning, skip your breakfast, and coffee to get in the queue at your favorite store, looking to be among the very first people to raid the stalls, and yet you find yourself stuck behind an ever-growing queue of shoppers. What most don’t really care to venture into days like this is that most of the stores post online shopping discounts on their web portal. Try to book some deals online even when they come up for grabs at the physical locations. The price tags are almost as good and comparable, plus you are guaranteed to get your product no matter what.

 Be one step ahead of the vendors

I am sure a lot of people have had to face the dilemma of vendors completely shutting you down from your much-deserved discounts, even if you saw the discount ad online or on TV. Most of the vendors are pretty good at outright denying those offers when you actually visit the store to get them. Always be doubly sure of what the offer states, and the policy your concerned store follows. It’s always a good idea to get in hand a print of that ad, stating the discount so you have the leverage, rather than having to waste precious time arguing with the salesmen.

Don’t run in blind, know the facts

The sales on Black Friday are huge, and probably the best you’ll be getting all year. Still, running blind isn’t a good idea. Check-in on the warranty claims, return policies, and other associated charges with the product. Ask the seller about all the details you can think of before taking the deal. Confirm the discount or additional perks associated with the purchase, and if you have what you came looking for, dive right in. Excess to everything is bad, and the barrage of online promotions, sale events, and hypnotic advertising methods from sellers leave bargain hunters like we overwhelmed and out of sorts. To fight through all this competition, a zombie horde-like a crowd waiting outside marts, you need to have a full-blown plan to grab the best deals and products from the lot, and having some research put into it beforehand is only going to make things easier.

Some Other Methods That Could Help You

Today’s digital age has made many of us become addicted to the online world. We may not admit this to others. Still, the fact of the matter is that almost every one of us has done a good amount of internet searching. This was done in order to find our items of need. Well, what many of us fail to realize is that if we are able to refine our searching ability then we can gain a lot from it. Thankfully, this sort of refining is actually a very easy task. This means that you just need to show a bit of discipline from your side. Hopefully, you will be surprised by the overall results that this will make you come across. 

Now, one of the key emphases of this entire informational piece would be to take a look at some methods that could aid you in finding the best deals on Black Friday. In light of this, all of the advice being presented to you will be put forth in simple wordings. So, try to take your time with them and build upon all of the wisdom given to you. But first, you need to admit that you are not doing enough to find the finest in Black Friday deals. Chances are that this admission would allow you to come face-to-face with many of your weak points. Once you have faced your weak points, it will then be easier for you to devise a strategy to deal with them.

Of course, if you improve via this informational piece then you should pass it on to your contacts too. Chances are that they need a lot of improvement as well. Now, here are some points that could aid your Black Friday deal searching:

Improve Your Online Searching – Look Farther

Let’s admit it. A lot of us are lazy when it comes to going through top internet search engines. For instance, we usually don’t go past page 1 or 2 of our searches. Well, this is a massive mistake. Just ask any online marketing or SEO expert. This person will likely hint to you that the online space is a vast place that is full of both good and bad. But, if you give your due time to it then it can surprise you in wonderful ways. Well, as a Black Friday deals seeker, the search engine results can give you several beneficial surprises. All that you have to do is to look beyond the first few pages of search results.

There have been plenty of cases where a shopper has stated that he found the perfect Black Friday deal. But this was available on page 10 or beyond. Such shoppers usually belong to all sorts of categories. You may be seeking something for your personal use or for others. You might be looking to buy a product for your home or your office space. You are likely to find some awesome Black Friday deals hidden in the later pages of a search result. Still, if you have looked into a term profoundly yet didn’t find something, do not lose hope. Perhaps the way to move forward is to try out a new search engine.

Here, a mistake that we do is to rely too much on just one search engine. Well, we all need to understand that every search engine is special in its own way. Perhaps, there is some Black Friday Deal to be found on page 1 of Search Engine A, which will be found on page 20 in Search Engine B. So stay vigilant.


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Today’s stores fully understand how much the common shoppers care about special events. This could be due to a host of reasons. For instance, stores understand that we are living in tough economic times. This makes the bulk of the shoppers seek great deals whenever they shop online. If this is the case on a common day then special events days will see even more activity from the shoppers. Thankfully, whenever top stores intend to launch deals on special occasions, they inform others in advance. Here, following such stores becomes highly beneficial for the masses. Of course, you can follow them on their social media pages, but following via Newsletter service presents very special benefits of their own.

This is essentially due to the fact that Newsletters are made in a very special way. All of their wordings and lines are supposed to be a guide, which would propel the reader to move towards the attainment of useful benefits. Naturally, whenever the Black Friday event is around the corner, stores tailor their Newsletter according to it. So, on your behalf, it will be best to subscribe to as many Newsletter services as you can. If you do this then chances are that even you will be surprised by the overall goodness that will come towards you.

Many marketing experts have hinted that following a Newsletter is an easy way to come across the finest Black Friday deals available. While you go through such informational pieces, you should try to pay close attention to every little detail that they present. Several folks often go through them in haste. As a result, they miss out on some very valuable things that are staring them in the face.

Don’t Forget This One Thing

We tend to focus too much on the big stores. What we don’t realize is that in many cases, several other companies could hold the best possible deals for us. Therefore, we should try to give a chance to those companies that are not much known across the spectrum. Here, several shoppers have hinted that these lesser-known labels are likely to feature top-quality products. You can easily compare them with those items that are presented by the most reputed companies. Additionally, chances are that you will find your desired things at a very cheap rate at the lesser-known labels.

Just think – you are able to save more than half of your budget on Black Friday via a less famous company. Wouldn’t this make your event special? Well, such specialness is experienced by a host of shoppers every year. You could be one of them too.

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Happy Shopping!

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