Golfers Guide to Choose the Best Golfing Shoes

By Admin Published on February 22, 2016Travel and Leisure
Golfers Guide to Choose the Best Golfing Shoes

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Golf is without a doubt the most popular activity in the US for spring and now is the perfect time to buy the shoes for it. A good shoe would not only provide the comfort but would also help you to make those special moves with perfect posture.Here is a guide to choose the Best golfing shoes for your liking

Golfers Guide to Choose the Best Golfing Shoes

  • Get the Right Fit for the Golf shoe:

    When trying out some shoes to buy, wear both pairs to get measurements for both feet. Choose the shoe that fits the larger foot.Also keep in mind to try them out while wearing the socks with which you are going to wear the shoes. Make sure the shoe fits your feet perfectly in the middle portion. Try on some golf swings while wearing the shoes and see how much the feet shift inside the shoes.

  • Choose the Right Material for Golf Shoes:

    This mostly depends on what conditions you intend to play. But in most cases, golfers will encounter wet and humid conditions.Although the more expensive ones, buying a waterproof and breathable shoe is the best bet for any golfer. Always choose the leather uppers over synthetic ones, as they provide great comfort in wet conditions.

  • Style Options fro Golf Shoes

    Gone are the days for style deprived gear. Nowadays, golf shoes come with a wide range of styling options than ever. Depending your approach to the game, whether you’re an amateur player or a casual one, choose an athletic, trendy or classic look for your shoes. There are a number of online providers that give you customization options to get the one right one.
  • Spikes or Spike Free

    Another choice that depends on your play turf. Soft spikes are almost a must if you face wet ground conditions, but there are some manufacturers who claim to have mad advances in shoe making, bringing the same grip with spikeless shoes.

  • Price

    You can get decent golfing shoes starting from $80 up to the high standard $300 pairs. Most of the starting golfers feel buying the most expensive shoes is a one way ticket to greatness, which usually ends up in slips and sore feet!

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