What consumer product offers the worst deals on Black Friday?

By Admin Published on October 10, 2020Seasonal & Holidays
Black Friday, no wonder is the biggest shopping day of the year. This day is seduced by amazing buy one get one free offers, deep discounts, and other doorbusters deals. On Black Friday, the average in-store discount is 37 percent and discounts average 24 percent for online items.
But this does not mean that you can get the best discount on anything you want. There are also some items and products which not offer the best discount on Black Friday. Let’s see which these are and how to get the best deals on them.
worst black friday deals on 9 consumer products
  • Winter Clothes vs Gears
During Black Friday sales, some clothes have the big discounts, but snow boots, cold-weather coats, and other winter apparel don’t have these deals as retailers know that this time of year more shoppers require winter gear. Therefore, to get big profits, retailers are far less likely to mark down this snowy season gears. So if you want to buy them just wait for January to have big discount on winter gears through sale & clearance sections once they are ON.
  • Mattresses
If you want to replace your old Mattresses then just do it in the month of May. As the Month of May provides the best deals & discounts on Mattresses.
  • Cars & Autos
Historically, the month of October gives the big discount on cars & autos. This is because October is when dealerships are ready to clear stock to make way for next year models. You can also find some discounts on cars on Black Friday, but for the big deals and discounts you should trade in October and December. As the auto industry is becoming more like the retail market in delivering mega sales at the end of the year.
  • Precious Jewelry
You can find the best deals on Black Friday for casual Jewelry. But for Expensive Jewelry you should wait until summer months.
  • Health & Fitness Equipment
If you want to buy treadmill or stationary bike on Black Friday, they will stress your wallet. Pending your Fitness Equipment till January. As Fitness stores have big discounts on Health machines after January aiming to make room for New Year’s models.
  • Patio & Furniture
Usually Retailers want to make space for new inventory until June. And so you can get the big deals on patio furniture and outdoor furniture by late November.
But if you fail to get the deals by November then try to make do until August when the patio clearance sales for next year is ON.
  • Hotels & Travel
Hopper is a site, dedicated to tracking the price of hotels & airfares. According to Hopper, Travel & Hotels deals are on peak on December or January.
  • Apple Store items
Apple products has the best deals via retailers such as Target, Best Buy & Walmart etc.
  • Gift Cards
Black Friday has the best deals on Gift Cards. But even for more deals and offer you should wait until December or January.


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