Best Back to School Memes to Share

By Admin Published on August 23, 2016Seasonal & Holidays Back To School Deals
Best Back to School Memes to Share

Best back to school memes

  Summer vacations are finally over and it’s time for our young ones to finally head back to a new year at school. We go on a shopping spree to store to resupply, the kids get to pick their new bags, stationery and notebooks to get back to school after the long vacation. Do I sound unusually excited? Now don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy my kids having around a lot more. But, you’ve got to admit it, the situation is kind of funny. The kids have been enjoying a lot, but without much friends around and those soaring temperatures forcing them to stay in, things have gone pretty nutty at home. It’s about time for something different to happen. Believe or not, my kids feel about the same way. They’re happy to be able to meet their friends again, but there’s a sense of lots of homework and assignments lurking in their minds at the same time. Just after a few days, the situation’s going to turn around and it’s us who get the last laugh. But what better to describe this situation than a bunch of hilarious memes. So, here’s some of the best back to school memes this year, and there’s all the pun intended indeed!

  • School starts again, I get to see people again 



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  • In other news, kids are going back to school 
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  • Returning to school after the holidays 
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  • Stay in school, stay in school as long as you can 


best memes for back to school

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  • High School, isn’t anything like high school musical 

high school meme

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  • Walking to school on a Monday, walking home from school on a Friday 


  • Three Terrible Facts

best back to school memes

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