These 6 Tips For Back to School Shopping Will Help You Buy Smarter

By Admin Published on July 15, 2020Back To School Deals
These 6 Tips For Back to School Shopping Will Help You Buy Smarter Retailers offer some great back-to-school shopping deals normally from the second week of July to the last week of August. With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, you might be wondering if they are going to offer these amazing deals this year as well.

               Whether your school re-opens or not, or whether it fully re-opens or not, you are going to require back-to-school supplies, since you will likely be taking classes online if your state or school district decides not to re-open schools. Knowing this, retailers and brands are going to offer you some fine deals this year as well.
To help you shop smarter and save big, we are sharing some practical back-to-school shopping tips below.
Back to School Shopping

1. You gotta buy early

While you have time till August’s last week, it is better if you shop as soon as the items are on sale. That is because inventory runs out quickly and the supplies are not always restocked quickly. And if you are buying in August, it is close to impossible that you will see any inventory restocked, unless of course the manufacturer has the stock and supplies it to stores before the sales period ends. It is useful to know that weekly sales start Sunday mornings, so the best days to shop are Sunday and Monday.

2. Buy expensive items at dollar stores

It makes perfect sense to try and get best possible deals on expensive items especially. When it comes to costly back-to-school supplies, the items that come to mind are clipboards, planners and calculators. You can save at least $10 to $15 on a basic calculator at most dollar stores. If you do not want to visit a store during these coronavirus times, you can always buy online from a dollar store that lets you shop online. It will be a good idea to ensure the online dollar store is near you, as you can get the delivery just in time.

3. Find coupons

During July and August, you should look for store and manufacturer coupons from school and office supply brands. You can use these coupons on sale items for bigger discounts. Some of the places where you can find these coupons include Sunday newspapers, stores themselves, magazines and coupon websites like

 4. See if you can buy tax-free

If your state allows it, you should definitely shop tax-free. In July and August, 18 states allow tax-free shopping for items that back-to-school shoppers typically require. See this Wikipedia article on Tax Holiday for details or our tips on How to do Back to school shopping on Tax free days

5. Use Target app

Just don’t drive up to a Target store and start shopping. Download their app first. In it, you get Circle offers, which offer a percentage off different sections, including their school supplies area!

6. Utilize J.C. Penney’s back-to-school offer

Until July 22nd, J.C. Penney’s Back-to-School-Palooza! Offers extra 30% off when you spend $75 or more. If you spend under $75, you get $25 off. Now, that’s a bargain. You better shop now!


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