Let’s Get Your New Back to School Laptop Ready for Classes

By Admin Published on July 27, 2020Back To School Deals
Let’s Get Your New Back to School Laptop Ready for Classes

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As coronavirus infection ravages all over the United States, a rising number of school districts say they will not resume in-person classes, according to an article by The Cut.

Yet, there are many schools that are going to reopen in the fall, with some offering part time schooling, while others, full time. 

Schools operated by the Department of Defense, for example, are going to reopen “preferably on a regular full-time schedule,” reports Military Times. Schools that are going to offer part time education are going to offer a combination of in-person and distance learning.

As you can see that in any case, you should be ready to resume learning by equipping yourself with all the school supplies you will need. A back to school laptop would be one of the must-haves in the cases of many students. If you also need to buy one, check out our blog post on what to look for in a back to school laptop before making the purchase, as it will help you buy the best school laptop for yourself.

If you have already bought or when you buy a new back to school laptop, you gotta make it ready for your studies. Let’s do just that below.

1. Secure your back to school laptop first and foremost

By “secure,” we mean ensure it has protection against viruses and hacks. You should definitely install a good security software if it is not preinstalled. Note here that you might have a built-in security program, but it is recommended you install a separate one, keeping the built-in security program enabled. We are talking about Windows operating system here, of course, as Apple does a good job of securing your machine with its suite of built-in security software. You don’t have to buy a security program for your Windows laptop. There are plenty of free antivirus and firewall programs that protect computers remarkably well. Visit our page for “best laptop security programs” and you will find many top rated security programs either for free or for a small fee depending on your requirments. Decide which one of the security programs is best for you and then simply download and install it.

2. Install all the required software in your new back to school laptop

Get help with your school regarding this i.e. ask them what software they require or recommend. They may even provide a discounted price on copies of all the required software. Usually, you don’t have to buy the recommended software, as your school is fine with you downloading and installing freeware/open-source software that have most if not all of the required functions. If we talk about word processors, you already get a basic one with your Windows operating system free of cost. However, if you need a more features-rich word processor, you can use the one available to you online inside Google Drive free of cost.

3. Your back to school laptop will be more useful with a dictionary

 If there is one utility software that we would recommend students to install in their new back to school laptops, it’s a comprehensive dictionary. Even if you have to buy one, you should most definitely do it. However, there are open-source/free dictionaries that are also available to download and you can utilize them instead. Note here that there are industry- or field-of-study-specific dictionaries available. While they will likely come at a price, you stand to learn a ton if you invest in them. Let’s say you find biology a difficult subject. Your investment in a biology-specific dictionary would be a smart investment.

And that’s really all there is to preparing your new back to school laptop for classes.

What do you think? Did we miss a suggestion? Is there anything really useful you do to prepare your laptop for classes? Tell us in the comments below.





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