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This month’s review at Shoppingspout.us is for Hokolite wireless Motion sensor Closet Lights. Wireless Motion sensor lights are a rage these days not only because these are so handy and convenient but also beacuse these make it so  easy to turn any dark spot into a bright corner. If in the summer months the Motion sensor lights are a green alternative for outdoors then in the winter months you can bring all the convenience and benefits of these motion sensor lights indoors. Light up all the nooks and crannies in your house including small closets, under the stairs, under the cabinets and many more areas where you need the visibility and which don't have the electrical outlets or power points to have a regular light bulb.

          Hokolite stairs light.

Not everybody can afford or has a need for an electrician to come in to install the traditional lights with new power points. That’s where the wireless varieties come in handy which are powered though batteries or usb cables. These also come in variety of colors, designs, sizes and can be battery operated or chargeable depending on your budget and use.

The Hokolite Motion sensor Closet lights are one of a kind way to lighten up your closets or other places you need to illuminate for safety and convenience. Each led motion sensor light emits unto 60 lumens which is much more brighter than any other competition in the market. It comes with its own USB charger  for charging a long lasting battery. These lights will start working only when in dark and when motion is detected so its energy saving as well as eco friendly. To install you don’t need any kinds of tools and it comes with a self adhesive magnetic strip which can be mounted at any tight space to get the light.

  • hokolit closet motion sensor lights

Our experience with the light has been wonderful at our Shoppingspout studio. Here are some of the key factors enhancing our experience.

Shipping and Handling from Hokolite:

The shipping was pretty fast after placing an order. We received the lights within a week. As we ordered 3 boxes each box came with 3 lights with the total of 9. When the box is opened each light is individually packaged with magnetic strip as well as the usb charging wire of its own.

Hokolite Motion sensor lights Ease of Use:

Even thought these lights are designed for closet we decided to use these around the staircase as the staircase in our studio doesn’t have any illumination. As instructed there were no tools involved in installation. We just peeled off the sticker from the magnetic plate and pressed it on the surface. The lights came with some charge in them but we charged the lights through our multi port charger. It took about an hour to charge each.

  • hokolite wireless light charging

Once charged we placed the lights on the magnetic strips and started using them. We are happy to report that these lights work exactly the way these supposed to. Each light has 10 little led bulbs on each side and the motion sensor is in the middle. It lights up as soon as you put your foot in the front and has taken out the safety hazard from our stairs. These are acting like guide lights at night and do not light up in the day time which is a great energy saving feature.

  • hokolite wireless lights uses

Once activated they are lighted for about 10 seconds before turning off. Its almost fun now going up and down the steps :)

There are also certain drawbacks which come with using rechargebale lights which are as follows:

  • These can’t be used in places of moisture and heat, due to the adhesive coming off at the back of magnetic strip, otherwise these could have been used as under the cabinet lights in the kitchen. I believe you can still use these as inside the cabinets like a pantry cabinet. We used it inside one of our cabinets and it works beautifully.
  • Charging these lights can be a hassle if you are using several like in our case for the staircase. In order to charge these we recommend to use a multiport charger otherwise you would several differnt usb connections to charge these motion sensor lights
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Save Money on your Electricity Bill:

These lights easily helped to save money on electricity by a ton. First these are motion senesored meaning they turn off about after 10-15 seconds after the usage. Second these highly efficient rechargebale lights are a steal when buying from Hokolite and applying the exclusive coupon from Shoppingspout.us. So hurry today and grab your 20% OFF Hokolite Coupon Code today to try these lights on your own. If you find other creative uses fro these lights, please drop us a review and how did it work for you.




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