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aquavault charge card
I hate the portable chargers!! The whole idea of carrying another device with all kinds of wires hanging around just drives me nuts. They are expensive and it's very easy to lose one part or the other while on the go, while I am out and about. A portable charger is a necessary evil which I just can’t get used to until I saw these credit card portable chargers on the market. I wanted to buy the one with wireless charging but I do not have the latest technology in all the devices I own so I had to do with wires. My hunt was for something very convenient to carry with some contraption to store the wires inside the device so I don’t lose them

Here was my list of what this device needs to do if they want me to shell out $50 or more for a portable charger.

  • Should be very easy to carry and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Should have all kinds of charging capabilities as I have the mix of android and apple devices
  • Should give at least couple of hours of charging so I am not stranded while commuting for two hours in a train 
  • Should have a builtin storage for all the required cables inside the device

And then our good friends at Aquavault sent me a wallet sized credit card portable charger called Aquavault Charge Card . It is a shiny etched aluminum chargecard which almost makes me feel like I own the American express Black :)

Aquavault Charge card Specifications:

  • The aquavault charge card dimensions are 3.3" x 2.3" x 0.18"  and it weighs 2.2oz
  • It has built in Interchangeable Charging Cables including USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB
  • It also has Four LED Power Indicator Lights to show how much charge is remaining and if its on
  • They claim to have a Fast Charge Technology which is 2300mAh: 1.5A

They also give you a nice little fabric baggy to stow it away but I just keep mine in my wallet.

The experience of using Credit Card Portable Charger:


aquavault charge card review

I love the size and I can’t stop raving about it to all my friends. Its very lightweight and discreet. I can easily stow it away in my wallet or under my phone, in one of those nifty cell phone wallet which can be stuck at the back.

Charging Capabilities:

Aquavault charge card creedit c ard poortable charger claims 2300mAh: 1.5A speed which is like a rechargeable AA battery. In my experience it takes about a min to charge 1% of my iPhone 11 pro. This could be due to the huge battery my iPhone has. The AirPods took about 15 minutes to charge fully and I only lost one light so that was pretty good. I charged my beats headphones and it took a full 2 hour and the charge card was drained and needed another charge too

I think considering its size this Aquavault charge card has good capabilities of giving unto 2-3 hours of charge to various small devices including phones, headphones and ear pods. I wouldn’t recommend taking it on long hikes or mountain climbing but it is still a very good charge card for every day use on the run.

Here is our expeerience of charging times with various devices. These are of course approximate and will depend on the condition of your device and battery:

  •  iPhone 7; 1.5 times,
  • iPhone 8; 1.0  time,
  • iPhone X;  1.0 time,
  •  Galaxy S9; 1.0 time.
  • Airpods ; 4 times
  • Wireless headphones; 1 time

I also wouldn’t recommend to use it for laptops or bigger devices as this battery wouldn’t be able to handle that

Ease of Use:

This credit card portable charger is extremely easy to use but you do need some nimble fingers and good eyesight to shuffle around the wires. Due to its extreme portable design with built in cable storage the wires are very small and need extra care to fingd the correct end before you try to insert in any of your device.


Now this is a top concern for us as being a leading coupon website we do want the products we recommend to be affordable and if possible a steal for our customers. The aquavault Charge Card is among the most expensive charges card on the market. You can easily find something cheaper online. But do pay attention to the amount of charge the card can dispense and this has a better mah of 2300. Most of the cheaper ones are around 1000 - 2000 mah

It comes with its own cords and you don’t need to buy the new ones or use the old ones which you might be able to use

Aquavault Charge card retails at $59.95 and by using our Aquavault discount code you will save 20% Off so click here Aquavault Coupon Codes if you need to use it right now!

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