Unionbay Review: Unionbay Men's Cargo shorts

By Admin Published on August 06, 2021Best Product Reviews
Unionbay Review: Unionbay Men's Cargo shorts

Unionbay Men's Cargo shorts
For this month’s review we have picked one of our favorite brands at Shoppingspout.us. Unionbay is one of the top online fashion brands providing our customers with premium quality apparel, shoes and fashion accessories for men, women and kids. The products are in line with top trends in cuts and colors with comfort and best fits in mind for sizes from XS  - XXL. Even with all of these perks it is one of the most affordable fashion brand online.

For this best product review at https://www.shoppingspout.us/ we have picked Men's Unionbay Cordova Messenger Cargo Shorts. The reason we chose this one was due to the top reviews it has received on Unionbay’s website with 5 star rating. The shorts are available in multitude of colors but we picked the color white. We wanted to put this color to test as white shorts are very hard to pull off with keeping it looking fresh. The fabric is either too thick for a crisp finish or very thin making it prone to look almost shabby.

Shipping and Handling:

We received our shorts by priority mail within three days of placing an order. The product was provided to us for free. It was neatly packed in plastic bag and we didn’t see any issues with soiling or any defects in the shorts during shipping and handling.

Size, Fit, Material and Comfort:

Unionbay Cordova Cargo Messenger Short
The Men's Unionbay Cordova Messenger Belted Cargo Shorts is available from size 28” - 54” waist and we ordered ours in 30” waist.  These shorts are made of 100% cotton with a classic fit and has a casual look of a vintage wash.The material is soft to touch yet sturdy enough for every day wear. They stayed wrinkle free during our use even after a hot day in the sun.  The fit is a tapered fit making it slimming and pleasing to the eye. These are very true to size so we recommend to measure your favorite shorts or pants before ordering the correct size with Unionbay. The color we ordered is actually pure white rather than off white in pictures but we liked it better this way. It makes it wearable with all different colors of shirts and tops with your favorite slip on shoes all summer long. 

Length and Construction

The length of these Unionbay Men's Cargo Shorts  just hits below the knee for a sleek and polished look. This length makes it appropriate for most occasions including casual bar-b-que parties and a stop at cocktail bar. This also means that your shorts would not ride up past your knee even while sitting down.

It comes with a D-ring belt with flap pockets. In front and sides you also have double stacked pockets for all the supplies you need for a full day outing. The items can be stored without bulging out or pockets being too tight. The inseam is 15” which is perfectly hitting just under the knee on our model who is 5”-10”.

Price and Affordability:

The Unionbay Cordova Cargo Messenger Short retails at $48 but can be as low as $25 on clearance. You can also use our exclusive 15% Off Unionbay Coupon to further reduce the price of your full order. On our scale of affordability and price for the product and quality you are receiving we give it full 5 stars.

So here you have it folks, if you are looking for a great cargo short for men, Unionbay Cargo shorts does not only fit the bill but looks perfect all summer long!


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