GladGrid Original Foam Mattress Review

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Are you looking to change your mattress these days? You are overwhelmed with all the choices available including the prices which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and all kind of material, firmness, fabric, toppers and endless promises of lifetime guarantees.

To make this process easier for our customers, has decided to partner with GladGrid to review their GladGrid Original Foam mattress objectively and honestly.

For this review we have tested a queen size mattress as this is the most purchased size in USA and Canada. We also used it with GladGrid mattress protector and GladGrid Foam Pillow. GladGrid Mattress comes in standard sizes of Queen, King and Cal King atb this time. The dimensions for GaldGrid Mattress foam mattresses are Queen: 60” x 80” x 10”, King 76” x 80” x 10” and Cal King at 72” x 84” x 10”.

We did set up our GaldGrid mattress on the floor and used it for a week before posting the following findings about the process and the actual product

Gladgrid Shipping and Handling:

gladgrid shipping and handling

All the products arrived within a week of placing an order without any major issues with packaging. The mattress comes rolled up in a sturdy box and securely wrapped in double plastic sheaths to make it very easy to transport up the room and stairs. However, you do need two people to move it without any problems especially up the stairs. The box was also slightly damaged at the bottom but the plastic was securely wrapped around the mattress so we did not have any later issues with any staining or damage to the mattress.

Once in the room we unwrapped it and set it up on the floor. The anti slipping bottom does help and we did not notice any movements even when placed on the carpeted floor. It also comes with handles on both sides for ease of transportation.

Mattress Off-Gassing:

Usually mattresses constructed of synthetic foams have a tendency to temporarily emit odors which are usually harmless but could be uncomfortable to the user. Our particular GladGrid Original Foam mattress was fairly odor free. We did keep our windows open for couple of hours to just be safe and did not find any lingering odors in our small bedroom afterwards.

GladGrid Checkerboard Designed Top Cover:

gladgrid original foam mattress

We love the black and white checker board design on top which can be a statement of its own. Its pure cotton fabric blended with Antibacterial silver ions acting as antimicrobial if you want to use it without any cover or protector. We prefer to cover it with the GladGrid mattress protector to keep it easy to clean and added comfort. You can find the review for the Galdgrid mattress protector here

GladGrid Mattress Firmness:

As compared to the other foam mattresses we used before, this one is a medium firm mattress. Due to this reason it would be equally appropriate for back sleepers as well as the side sleepers or people with high pressure points. The top layer is a super soft and copper infused which is responsible for a contoured support with firmness to keep the back aligned ergonomically. I also found after using it that it is true to its design for optimum spine alignment and I didn’t have any issues with back or neck later in the day or during the night while sleeping.

Pressure Relief:

GladGrid mattress proudly claims the Shoulder-in technology for optimal ergonomic spine alignment. During the use I did find it important and to be true for optimum sleep. We had a back sleeper and a side sleeper use the mattress and found much less tossing and turning especially for a mattress at this price range. As a matter of fact due to the deep sleep achieved, there was hardly any movement if any. I was well relaxed and woke up fresh every morning.

gladgrid pressure points

Motion Isolation:

Motion isolation refers to how much the mattress moves when the sleeper is switching positions.Since GladGrid mattress is a Foam mattress, it performs fairly well in isolating the movement to the immediate area of the moving sleeper. It also certainly helps that the second layer in the mattress is a dynamic soft and gel infused layer trying to keep disturbances to the minimum. The mattress itself was not moving either during the trial and was very stable even on a carpeted floor where it is pron to slip easily

Edge Support and ease of Movement:

The edges of our GaldGrid mattress are fairly sturdy making it easier to get on and off the mattress. Usually foam Mattresses tend to have a sinking feeling especially sitting down, making it especially hard to get up from the floor but not with our GaldGrid mattress. We found it sturdy enough on edges as well as on the mattress to move and turn fairly easily. Also noticed that the mattress springs back to its original position instantly after moving away from it like a spring mattress.

gladgrid edge support

Temperature Control:

This factor is a huge one for me as usual, the foam mattresses tend to be warm and could be uncomfortable. With GladGrid dynamic soft gel-infused technology I found out that it's extremely pleasant to sleep on and feels slightly cooler to the skin. Living in Chicago weather has perks of extreme weather changes and we did have a couple of warm nights during the trial. We found out that the sleep was very comfortable and sweat-free even without the use of fans or air conditioning. I was not expecting this from a mattress at this affordable price but pleasantly surprised with fresh sleep night after night.

Gladgrid also offers a Free Mattress Trial plan and a 10-year warranty for their mattresses

In conclusion, we were very happy and actually surprised by some of the features GaldGrid Original Foam mattress provides at such an affordable price of $498 - $598. also carries an exclusive GladGrid Coupon Code to help you save even further.  The cooling material and a comfortable, skin-friendly mattress cover were also huge factors for us as it’s usually available in higher-end mattresses and not at this price range. The ergonomic design helped to achieve a deeper and faster sleep and it was sweat-free, comfortable, and faster sleep night after night.

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