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A good pillow is paramount for a good night's sleep and makes sure that you don't get into any neck strain during the day time. The goal is to keep your neck and spine aligned when lying down so your neck isn't tilting in any direction. To bring you the top trends in Pillow technology we have partnered with GladGrid for their Contour Foam Pillow with Cooling technology.

While testing we not only looked for a good support for the neck in the pillow but also how well does it look, how easy it is to clean and how does it keep its shape after a night use plus the temperature regulation. The pillow retails at $88.00 which is extremely compatible with other contouring foam pillows in the market. At this time has a 15% GladGrid Coupon Code whichmakes it an even better value product.

Here are our findings for GladGrid Foam Pillow
Gladgrid Foam Pillow

  1. The packaging and shipping was very smooth with GladGrid. The standard shipping takes around 10 business days. The pillow comes in a beautiful and sturdy box to keep the foam pillow dry and in shape. Not only that we also gained a coupon for ordering another pillow. 
  2. GladGrid recommends to unwrap the pillow and keep it in a well ventilated area for 24 - 48 hours before use to eliminate any off gassing. We highly recommend it as it does have a certain odor once unwrapped and would need some time to off gas. In our case we kept it in our backyard for couple of days and after that couldn't smell any odors. This should be done without putting the cover on which comes with the pillow.
  3. The 100% cotton cover is beautifully soft and comes in a signature GladGrid black and white checkerboard design which goes perfectly with our GladGrid original foam mattress. Its washable and easy to clean and would coordinate with any modern decor.
  4. GladGrid Contouring Foam Pillow is designed with Softest-Minus memory foam meaning it has soft to touch feel for utmost comfort. We used it for about two weeks and happy to report that it is in great shape and the softness doesn't compromise on the quality or make the pillow lose its shape.
  5. It has two adjustable heights, one profile slightly higher than the other, for your preference. This makes it more versatile depending on which position you would like to sleep on

Like GladGrid Foam Mattress, having a cooling technology was very important for us and we are happy to report that we did not feel extremely hot or cold on this pillow, which can be a problem with other foam pillows.

The pillow also comes with a portable pillow carrier so you can ease with travel if needed with your favorite pillow.

At this time you can find a Gladgrid Coupon code, exclusive to, to save even more money on your purchase.

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