Tasty Easter Gifts From Godiva

Chocolate Easter bunnies godiva


Easter time is coming and while painting Easter eggs we are all wondering what to buy for our loved ones. If you don't have anything in mind keep reading to find out the best 2017 Easter gifts! Perfect Easter gift The perfect gift for our loved ones is the one that will cheer them up and make them feel appreciated. And there is one, universal gift that will surely make everyone happy. Don’t know what could it be? Chocolate, of course! It is the best gift for any age or gender. This tasty treat will put a smile on every face. Chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks are the most common chocolate shapes popular as Easter gifts. It is a symbolic gift for this holiday, but yet, the best one you could choose.

The Best Place to Purchase Eater Chocolates

Now let me reveal a secret. Godiva has the best of it! Godiva 2017 Easter collection will blow your mind and make your mouth water. Godiva chocolate is definitely the best Easter gift you could buy or receive. So don’t miss a chance to visit Godiva store at godiva.com and buy world’s best chocolate. These tasty treats can be yours at a very low price since there are various Godiva codes, chocolate coupons, best deals on their chocolates and discounts at shoppingspout.us. Some of them are 10% off your order, free shipping chocolate for orders over $60, 15% off if you spend $200 on favors, special value items up to 30% off, free standard shipping and much more.  It will surely make your purchase way easier.

Pick the best Chocolate for everyone:

Now that you know where and what to buy by great price, it’s time to pick a gift. Or more likely gifts. Here are some of our suggestions you could consider.

Chocolates For the kids

If you are buying a gift for a little girl she will definitely adore Chocolate Flower Gift Box ($26.00). Godiva chocolate is wrapped inside a beautiful flower-shaped gift box, adorned with colorful butterflies. After she eats all the candies, the beautiful box can be her favorite toy. In case you are shopping for a boy, Easter Cheer Basket would be the best choice ($65.00). When all these chocolates are eaten, he will be able to hang out with a sweet plush rabbit that comes as a part of a gift.

godiva easter chocolates for kids


Chocolate Gifts For the Wife/Husband

Your wife will be delightful if you buy her Spring Delights Chocolate Gift Box ($50.00). It has chocolate Easter eggs and truffles packaged in a beautiful gift box. There is no better way to put a smile on a face of a woman you love!

Godiva chcolates for wife husband

You can’t go wrong with Pure Bliss Gift Basket ($100.00) for your husband. It bursts with classic Godiva treats he won’t wish to share!

Chocolate Gifts For the Parents

Choose something special for your mother. The best choice would be Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box with Personalized Pink Ribbon ($31.95). Write your message on a ribbon and give her your love, best chocolates and beautiful design all in one.

chcolate gifts for your parents godiva

For the father choose something sophisticated and delicious. Chocolate Biscuit Tin ($40.00) fits that description. It’s beautiful gift your father will appreciate. Godiva specials will help you create the sense of joy and happiness that will enrich this year’s Easter.

  • March 03, 2017

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