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Rakuten Global Market is lifestyle store catering to demands of people with a wide variety of products in each niche. From fashion to family, beauty and healthcare, Rakuten market has it all. Listed below are some highly appealing hand-blown vases for home decoration purposes:

Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone

It is a fine Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone for sale from Rakuten. Composed from glass, the vase works wonders as a showpiece/ decorative item in indoor settings.  The flower vase is ideal for kitchen and drawing room decoration. The rounded bottom gives it balance. More so, it can even be given as a gift. The color variety includes the following:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Violet


The Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone is priced at just $26.75.

Luxury Lane Hand-Blown Red Orange Vase

Measuring at 14 inches, the Luxury Lane Hand-Blown Red Orange Vase lined with black contrast. It is a great addition in any home. Created with great artistic bent, the tall hand-blown glass vase is one of a kind. It can be placed in a drawing room/ by the window side for beautification purposes. Color availability:

  • Orange


Luxury Lane Hand Blown Red Orange Abstract Art Glass Vase

The beautiful abstract art glass vase is priced for just $59. 

Antique Hand-Blown Glass Vase

The transparent English vase is steeped in simplistic design yet provides ample space for flower showcasing. Primarily an Antique Hand-Blown Glass Vase, the glass vase is devoid of any design trait, basing itself in minimalism.   The color variety is unavailable as of yet.


Antique glass vase

  This antique hand blown glass vases is priced at $162.28. Get it now!

Red Colored Oval Shape Glass 

With a height of 40-cm, this relatively diverse designed colored-blown glass vase is the apple of decorators eyes. That being said, the Red Colored Oval Shape Glass vase is painted with a light-red color along with square boxes etched on it, signifying minimalism and beauty simultaneously. 


The price of this colored blown glass vase is just $18.29. Its a steal-of-a-deal.  Hand-blown vases from Rakuten aer fragile and delicate. As a result, the users are advised to place them off in a safe and secure location, far from unexpected, prying hands. Handle with care!



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