HandBlown Vases For Sale from Rakeuten

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HandBlown Vases For Sale from Rakeuten


Rakuten Global Market is lifestyle store catering to demands of people with a wide variety of products in each niche. From fashion to family, beauty and healthcare, Rakuten market has it all. Listed below are some highly appealing hand-blown vases for home decoration purposes:

Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone

It is a fine Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone for sale from Rakuten. Composed from glass, the vase works wonders as a showpiece/ decorative item in indoor settings.  The flower vase is ideal for kitchen and drawing room decoration. The rounded bottom gives it balance. More so, it can even be given as a gift. The color variety includes the following:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Violet


The Hand Blown Glass Vase Cone is priced at just $26.75.

Luxury Lane Hand-Blown Red Orange Vase

Measuring at 14 inches, the Luxury Lane Hand-Blown Red Orange Vase lined with black contrast. It is a great addition in any home. Created with great artistic bent, the tall hand-blown glass vase is one of a kind. It can be placed in a drawing room/ by the window side for beautification purposes. Color availability:

  • Orange


Luxury Lane Hand Blown Red Orange Abstract Art Glass Vase

The beautiful abstract art glass vase is priced for just $59. 

Antique Hand-Blown Glass Vase

The transparent English vase is steeped in simplistic design yet provides ample space for flower showcasing. Primarily an Antique Hand-Blown Glass Vase, the glass vase is devoid of any design trait, basing itself in minimalism.   The color variety is unavailable as of yet.


Antique glass vase

  This antique hand blown glass vases is priced at $162.28. Get it now!

Red Colored Oval Shape Glass 

With a height of 40-cm, this relatively diverse designed colored-blown glass vase is the apple of decorators eyes. That being said, the Red Colored Oval Shape Glass vase is painted with a light-red color along with square boxes etched on it, signifying minimalism and beauty simultaneously. 


The price of this colored blown glass vase is just $18.29. Its a steal-of-a-deal.  Hand-blown vases from Rakuten aer fragile and delicate. As a result, the users are advised to place them off in a safe and secure location, far from unexpected, prying hands. Handle with care!

Important Points To Look Into

Often, we are swayed too much by a single feature of a vase. This makes us focus less on other features. No matter the appeal of the product at hand, we should always try to have a balanced approach when buying a vase. If you are not vigilant here then you may go on to purchase the wrong type of product. This may translate into a loss of investment on your behalf. Now, one of the core emphases of this entire page will be to have a look at some important things that a shopper needs to look into a vase. Hopefully, after going through such points, you will be able to make the right type of purchase.

Just remember that buying a vase is very much similar to purchasing any other interior decorative item for your place. You need to be attentive regarding some particular issues. All in all, it is not something that should be difficult, but rather tricky for the average purchaser. So, these are some of the points that you must emphasize:

The Coloring

This may be an obvious point to many, but the fact is that a lot of us don’t pay enough attention to the coloring of a vase. Here, you need to first take a look at the place where you would ultimately put your item in. Try to make sure that your vase’s color suits well with the walls and the overall interior decoration. Don’t try to go with a color that is too conflicting with its setting. If you have any sort of confusion in this regard then just go with a color that is known to go well with an average setting. For instance, several interior decoration experts are of the view that a white-colored vase can go well with almost any interior setting.

Just in the white color alone, you will find a great number of shades. Therefore selecting the right shade is also critical to you. Moreover, sometimes you just have to go with your instincts. You don’t have to be an expert in decoration to figure out what will go well at your place. If you feel that a specific type of vase available in a particular color is excellent for your room then perhaps you should take a calculated risk with it. If all goes well then this may turn out to be the right call. Also, don’t forget to take input from your peers. Perhaps one of them is better in colors than you.

The Durability

Many of us have small children at home. What we often ignore is the fact that these little children can be a very destructive force. While we are out working, the children may go on to cause some damage to our home. If you are unlucky then the damage can be severe. Surely, you must have known about at least one case among your circle in which a homeowner faced a big loss. This was not because the person was himself careless, but because his small child broke a product. Well, what we need to understand is that we need to be very careful regarding our vase selection. If we are to select something that is durable enough then this may actually go on to resolve a great number of our woes.

Thankfully, there are plenty of vase items in the market that are well-regarded for their children/animal-friendly nature. Even if you drop them multiple times then they won’t get a scratch. Of course, parents should try to prioritize buying such products from the market. In many cases, it has been observed that such vases come at a bit of an expensive cost. Well, as a buyer, you should be willing to pay this price for the sake of your overall interior setting. Thankfully, in the past few years, there have been a great number of durable as well as quality vase products that have appeared online. Perhaps you should try looking into them.

The Craft

Thanks to modern technology, we are now witnessing unique and exciting crafts appearing on vases. Today, makers are utilizing the latest in printing technology to create breathtaking designs on vases. Definitely, you should try to take a look at such craftiness. Chances are that you will be immensely impressed by what you see in front of you. In several cases, it is observed that it is the buyer that goes on to select a personalized craft in his vase. If you ever get this sort of option then feel free to make good use of it. It seems that plenty of folks have utilized this personalization option to create some stunning masterpieces. These products may have all the potential to suit your respective setting.

Usually, purchasers are inspired by plenty of things available throughout nature. For some, it is animal life, whereas others are a fan of sci-fi. It is such themes that somehow end up as a craft on their vases. On your behalf, you should be able to find several inspirations that would make you come up with a brilliant craft outcome. Here, one of the things that you need to watch out for is that your personal craft design is able to withstand the test of time. In light of this, try selecting something that is chic not just today but many years from now.

Finally, just remember that vases have a special appeal of their own. Therefore, try to make sure that you make a sound and thoughtful investment in them.


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