Get ready to Kayak this spring break with Kayaking Gear

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Get ready to Kayak this spring break with Kayaking Gear

Get ready for Kayaking with

Kayaking is one sport or hobby that dates back to thousands of year, where it first originated from the Arctic people. Since those times, a lot of innovation has been made in manufacturing the kayaking gear to use and the kayaks.

Since it’s not a very common hobby to take up even now, many adventurists need to have a proper sense of gearing up and guidance for the right things to do in Kayaking. We managed to get hold of some pretty nifty equipment to get the job done so you folks don’t have your hands full in figuring out what to buy and what not, and just get on with enjoying yourselves out there this spring break with the best Kayaking Gear from and save with the following promotional code:



Lets begin with a full body suit to get you started. Now there is a lot debate on whether wetsuits are right or drysuits have the edge.  There is no doubt that kayak drysuits have the technological advancements behind them, but the safer choice, and perhaps the more budgeted one is to take up a wetsuit. Kayaking wetsuits prevent heat conduction to keep the body warm, and considering the mild cold in spring, it’s a good bet to get one. On the safety side, it is far better at saving you trouble in tricky situations.

NRS 3.0 Farmer John Neoprene Wetsuit Available for $129.99

Kayaking Mens wetsuit on sale

NRS Youth Farmer Bill Neoprene Wetsuit Available for $89.95

Womens wetsuit on sale

Kayaking/Swimming FOOTWEAR

Perhaps the most important, yet the most neglected part of kayaking is the choice of proper shoes. Now there are a number of options like the wetsuit booties or the light sandals, neoprene booties are the best choice for the trip any day. Unlike the sandal, neoprene booties provide the tread pattern to be sturdy on ground as well. Couple those with “Launch Socks” inside your full body wetsuits and it becomes an equal comfort to walk on ground as it is in the waters.

Five Ten Canyoneer 3 Available for $179.95

kayaking footwear on sale

Kokatat Nomad Neoprene Kayak Shoes Available for $179.95

paddlesport shoes on sale


Headgear is a must have part of your kayaking gear for added safety. There are a number of helmets with different material and make out there. Plastic helmets come with a variety of styles with top covering or the full face ensemble, but if your budget is just a little flexible, the safest choice is to go with the sturdier and stronger composite helmets. Just for that few extra bucks you can grab the lighter and more shock absorbing ones than their plastic counterparts.

Sweet Protection Rocker HC Helmet Available for $248.90

Kayaking helmets on sale

Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet Available for $198.90

kayaking gear headwear on sale

We hope our list of kayaking gear have just been enough to get you started on your adventure. Still, for the sake of having the best and largest number of options, we would highly recommend you visit


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