Running wild with Battlbox like Bear Grylls

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Anyone who’s a fan of outdoor activities, especially the ones pushing your limits and testing your survival skills, must have heard of Bear Grylls. He’s an adventurer and a host of the popular TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, where he goes on different adventures, taking one celebrity with him on every episode.

It’s safe to say, that he’s the inspiration for many, to spend more time out in nature and learn different survival skills that nature adventures require. But as everyone is not as brave and skillful as Bear, it’s important to always know what you’re doing and be equipped for the adventures that you’re up for.

Many adventurers, hikers, campers and survival adventure fans have found Battlbox to be a perfect solution for the most reliable survival and outdoor gear. offers a great variation of camping, survival, tactical, and all around epic outdoor gear. They deliver the goods to their subscribers in a monthly box, that’s themed every month and adjusted for the specific mission that the Battlbox has set out that month.

It’s a great way how to test your abilities and learn something new, just like the famous tennis player Rodger Federer just did in the episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which everyone is buzzing about.

The inspiration survival adventures with Bear Grylls

The well-known tennis player Rodger Federer just had a chance to try out his mountain survival skills on the episode of Bear Grylls iconic show. They climbed the snowy and wild mountain slopes of Swiss Alps, and as real survivors ate what they could find. This time it was fish eyeballs.

People were worried that the tennis star might hurt himself out in the wild and unpredictable nature that could potentially taint his perfect tennis season. However, nothing like that happened. The main reason for that is to always be prepared for the environment you’re going to be in and have the right gear for any situation.

Along with Rodger Federer, other famous men like Zac Efron, Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum, and even Barack Obama have gone on such survival missions with the superhuman Bear Grylls. He was joined by Zac Efron in a journey into the Northeast Appalachian wilderness, one of the roughest places out there. It all started with the two of them parachuting into the woods and then proceeding by climbing down a slippery hill with a rope.

On the way, they collected some worms to cook for the dinner and then used a cave as a shelter for the night. The next day they ventured out into a canyon, again with the help of a rope, and rappelled down a steep cliff. And again, none of this would be safe or possible, without having the right gear. So if you’re inspired to do something like this, the is the right choice for you.

The best survival and outdoor gear you’ll find

Receiving and using the gear can be done via subscriptions on their website. How it works is that the customer signs up for a subscription and chooses the size of the box they want to receive every month. Each box contains different gear every month, put together to support the monthly missions, created by Battlbox.

The boxes are available in four different levels - basic, advanced, pro and pro plus. They mainly differentiate by the number of items in the box. The Basic lever box normally will contain 4-7 hand selected items from survival tools and manuals to emergency supplies, tactical pens and EDC gear. Click here to use this coupon and get the best available price for the Battlbox Basic.

Going up to the Pro lever, the box will contain 6-11 items, including 1-2 top tier products such as Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Watches, and Tents! This will be perfect for outdoorsman and survival minded individuals. Get the best price for Battlbox Pro here.

Apart from the monthly gear boxes, the also sells many different outdoor adventure related items. They include high quality battle gear, blade care products, camping equipment, EDC, disaster and emergency preparedness kits, fire, fishing, and hunting equipment and so much more. Make sure to visit Battlbox, by using this coupon here to get an exclusive 10% OFF for all products. Be prepared for your outdoor adventures, to make the most out of the experience.

Besides Battlbox Gear – Get These Things

Outdoors can actually be a very harsh place for those new to exploration. This means that if you want to enjoy a great time there, you need to be well-suited according to it. Now, this may go on to pose a challenge. You may be required to get the most appropriate things for yourself – if you want to avoid getting into any trouble. Usually, this is not a difficult thing to do, but a tricky one. In order to better tackle the challenges that an average outdoor setting may put you through, you need to get some things for yourself.

One of the core emphases of this entire page is to take a look at some of these things. Hopefully, reading through all of the information here would give you a good idea regarding the products that you should opt for. Moreover, both amateur and experienced outdoor travelers seem to need almost similar things. This points towards the fact that you need to get your concepts clear regarding your equipment. Once this is done, everything else should automatically fall in place. Of course, it is always best to take guidance from someone who is experienced in the matter. This is because this person would guide you from his personal experience, which can actually be a very valuable thing for you.

So, here are just some essentials that you should get your hands on:

The Right Bag

Just ask yourself – what are my overall requirements? Once you have this figured out then you need to search for the right bag for yourself. Chances are that you will be surprised by the overall bag options that you find in your market. While you search for the perfect bag for yourself, you need to take note of some important points. For instance, you need to see whether your desired item offers you enough room. Another critical thing regarding the bag is its overall comfort level. It may happen that you would be required to carry your bag with you for a long amount of time. This means that it should be something that you are very comfortable with.

Make sure that you can properly adjust its settings. If this is done then chances are that you will have an excellent time with it. Some other things related to your bag are its ability to withstand your washing, and how it deals with the outdoor weather. Another issue is its coloring. It seems that a great number of bag users have complained about their product losing its shine quickly. Usually, this does not necessarily mean that the product will compromise on its quality. Still, you should inquire about the overall coloring of your bag.

Don’t you want a stylish bag? Well, the chances are that you will find plenty of eye-catching options throughout the market. So, make sure you take your time searching, as this can actually be a very fun activity on its own.

Emergency Kit

While you are outdoors, an emergency may arrive at any time. Many outdoor enthusiasts have often admitted that an emergency arrived when they expected the least. This means that you should always make sound preparations for any unfortunate event. Thankfully, there are a great number of things available in the market that could be of assistance to you. This includes kits that feature bandages, stitches, and so on. While buying an emergency kit, it is important for you to get yourself familiarized with the overall contents of a kit. Try to train yourself on how to best use each and every single content of your desired kit. This can go on to offer immense benefits.

Just think, you are out in the open. Suddenly, an emergency arrives and you are required to deal with it. If you know how to best use a bandage or stitches then you can better cater to the problem at hand. In light of this, there have been several cases when a person had the best possible emergency kit with him. Still, he somehow made things worse. This was because he failed to react in the right way when an emergency struck. Therefore, you should keep yourself mentally prepared for what may arrive. As part of this preparation, you should try to watch several online videos that could explain to you an emergency situation, and how to deal with it.

The Communication Device

When we mention communication equipment, it does not only mean a mobile phone. In several cases, outdoor travelers tend to keep a walkie-talkie with them. Here, you need to make sure that this device is properly charged up. If it requires charging during the middle of the trip then you should opt for things that would allow you the charging/power facility. Thankfully, there are several things available in the market that could offer fine communication assistance to you. Just make sure that you can easily go through all of their associated features.

Additionally, you need to select something that is durable in its nature. There have been several cases when a person bought a communication device. But, just after sustaining a single fall, the device suffered an immense amount of damage. Well, all of this shows that you need to buy something that is durable, even if it comes at a bit of an expensive rate.

So, these are just some of the things that you should make sound investments in. Hopefully, these products would benefit you even when you are not going outdoors.

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