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By Admin Published on September 14, 2016Food & Beverages Back To School Deals

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Getting your kids ready to go to school each day is a challenge every parent faces on a daily basis, but it’s the dreadful part where they have to figure out new and unique ways to pack lunch for their kids, who aren’t that interested in eating during the day at all. You need to be creative and exciting on what you pack for kids to take to school, and thinking about a new idea each day is not that easy. We thought to collect a few ideas for fun school lunches to help you get through this year, and keep things fresh and interesting, so your kid doesn’t miss the most important meal of the day.


multicolor sandwiches for school lunch

Sandwiches are the traditional approach to a typical lunch for school, unless you can give it a little interesting and fast twist to it. Create 2 or 3 toned sandwiches with simple shape cutouts, replaced with 2 slices, laced with jam peanut butter,cheese or any special sauce your kids love. A simple and fast recipe which can turn ordinary sandwiches into a cute lunch your kids will love.



  You can get a lot of handy and fun kits which your kids can play with and make eatables for themselves. This diner kit from Yummy Nummies is such a fun way to get your kids interested in lunch time. Research shows that kids are more inclined to eat if they have helped prepare the food. This can be done at home or at the cafeteria for more fun as no oven or stove top is needed. There are different kits and you can make burgers, pizza, nuggets or spaghetti, all the fun foods which kids love especially for school lunch.



So what do kids hate more than having to eat lunch during school? More often than not the answer is if the lunch has vegetables in it. Veggies are like childhood nemesis to most of us, and most kids feel like they did something bad to deserve a veggie meal. The trick to get kids into eating the healthy stuff is to make it look like the stuff they love already, like pasta, pizzas and other fast food. Create a mixed blend of sliced and colorful vegetables to Light in the Box - US">create a great veggie pasta with relative ease.Add some carrots, onions and broccoli into the mix, topped with mozzarella cheese, butter and a bit of flavoring. Unless your kids comes to you asking for a favorite vegetable to have for lunch, which isn’t very probable, then this is a must have.


Pancake art

  You must be living under a stone if you havent seen pictures or videos for pancake art on social media. You can serve from simple pancake shapes to more intricate ones with multiple colors or flavorings if you have the right tools. This versatile pancake pen is the answer to make all the different type of pancakes to your hearts desire. Just fill in with your favorite pancake batter recipe or even box made and unleash your inner artist on the pan



We’ve been seeing it since our childhood on to our children now that eggs are a must have part of your daily diet. But what we didn’t have then was the fun in creating these cute shapes out of eggs. With a simple set of plastic Egg molds, you can turn ordinary hard boiled eggs into fun characters of your choice, which make meals more wonderful and fun. You can grab a pack of your favorite shape, and with some hard boiled eggs, it’s only minimal effort and time to get them done. Understanding and coping up with your kids unpredictable eating habits was never easy.. We, as parents are so much driven into what, when and how can we make our children eat food with good nutrition and keep them healthy and fit, and now there are so many gadgets out there to make this job easy We hope that these ideas get you through this year at the school, just remember, for the kids it’s all about fun. Keep things pulpy and colorful and who knows they might start to love those much dreaded vegetables in future.

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