BACK TO SCHOOL - It’s Time to Start Getting Ready

By Admin Published on July 29, 2015Back To School Deals
BACK TO SCHOOL - It’s Time to Start Getting Ready


It’s time for our kids to load up their back-packs, suit up with their new threads and head back to school. It can be a hard transition going from the freedom of summer to the structure of being a full-time student. But you know what, it’s all worth it! MyHabit has all the clothes, backpacks and shoes your kid needs for starting the school year off right and all at a huge savings to you.


Getting a new school year off to a good start can influence children’s attitude, confidence, and performance both socially and academically. The transition from August to September can be difficult for both children and parents. Whether your kid is a first-timer or an old hand, Franklin Planner will make sure he/she gets a running start on the new semester.


Whether their summer was jam-packed with activities or filled with complaints about being bored with nothing to do, kids often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition. Emphasize the positive things about going back to school, such as hanging out with old friends, meeting new classmates, buying cool school supplies and showing off the new duds or snazzy accessories along with Rakuten and Aeropostale.


When summer winds down, it’s time to get ready for a new school year. Buying notebooks, probing for accessories, looking into clothes and getting’ books isn’t the easy part. Heres everything at Rakuten you need to know to help your child get classroom ready. Pick the right supplies, transition back into the classroom, and gear up for a great year.


Students may feel anxiety about a new school or a new teacher. They may not want to think about homework, tests and the pressures of school. Get your child involved and set up a timetable with that will help re-establish the routines again. Ask your child to draw it, decorate it with their favourite stickers and maybe stick it on the fridge or somewhere in their bedroom. This way they learn how to manage their time and prepare themselves for the new schedule of waking up, eating breakfast and getting ready for school.



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