Top American Burgers That You'll Love to Eat

By Admin Published on August 06, 2015Food & Beverages

This topic has already got my mouth all watery because we’re here to talk about top-of-the-line burgers that are sold throughout the USA. The main two fast foods that are popular among Americans are Pizza and Burgers. If you’re on a diet and reading this article, I can assure you that you’re going to hate me when we talk about jumpy juicy burgers created with fine ingredients by bestselling food joints in America. Americans are mostly known for eating junk food as they have the best Fast Food restaurants that you’ll find in almost every state of America. This includes top famous burger joints such as Burger Kings, Hawkins, The Best Burger, KFC, McDonalds, etc. A Burger is also considered the only food in America that is eaten more than any food dish because it is easily consumable and does not cost much. Every fast food restaurant provides its own special burger recipe by adding its own special secret ingredients that add great flavor to the taste. You can choose a variety of Burgers from the list of 100 according to journalists and bloggers. But I will recommend you to try out one of the following top juiciest burgers available.


Double Cheese Burger:

Cheeseburgers are very common and classic that every individual orders when they go out for fast food dining. It usually has 2 cheese bars that are covered with 2 slabs of meat, salad dressings, and 2 slices of cheese in between. It is just the right food that can easily fill the whole stomach and it also takes time to consume which means, one can actually be enough for one day (depending on your weight). Although cheeseburgers itself have many types such as Swiss Cheese Burgers, Cheese Burger Cakes, Chilli Cheese Burgers, Old Fashioned Cheese Burger, and more.

The BBQ Burger:

Ever tried a burnt crispy burger? Well, now you can because BBQ Burgers are available on almost every fast food restaurant’s menu, they contain a great amount of spicy sauce’s that totally blend with the meat. The whole bun and meat are grilled in a way that brings out a super delicious taste. To add some extra taste, you can put some extra salad dressing along with classic bacon cheese to make it look tastier.


The Nut Burger:

If you’re actually looking for a vegetarian type then try this one, it is a special type of burger that does not contain any amount of meat. Instead, it is made with the combination of Walnuts, Sun Flower Seeds, Eggs, Slice of Cheese, and Grilled Onions. Hmm, Yummy! You should feel the same taste of meat just like any other ordinary burger. To add extra layers of deliciousness, put some mayo and ketchup to make it more unique.

Ham Burger:

When it comes to this, there is no compromise as it is the juiciest burger ever invented that contains highly spicy crumbed meat in the form of patties served with buns, sliced tomato, onions, mustard, mayo, and ketchup. Each patty is grilled properly and mixed with fine garlic sauce to add flavor. It is easy to cook, as it is time-saving; you can even try out the recipe at home. Every American wants to try out Ham Burgers even though they increase huge fat in the body and cause a risk of serious illness if consumed too much.

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