Find the best DSLR Camera Deal on Cyber Monday

By Admin Published on November 24, 2016Seasonal & Holidays Cyber Monday
Find the best DSLR Camera Deal on Cyber Monday

dslr camera black friday sales

The best time for shopping is right around the corner. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 2 of the most important days for shoppers all around US. With all the top stores in US introduce deals, promotions and discounts to edge each other, us shopaholics are treated to a heaven of products weve been waiting to get our hands on all year. Cyber Monday is like the “Christmas came Early” eve for tech savvy folks. The marketplace crawls with new technology, gadgets and electronics every day, and it’s this time of the year when almost everything sort of downs to our pockets. Well this year I’ve had my mind set on getting myself a DSLR. It’s been long time coming but once you’ve got a strong photography tech at your disposal, you find a way to make it useful. For the photography folks looking to buy their first ever unit, or professionals looking to upgrade OK first up we need to get some things straight before the real bargain hunt for DSLR cameras. When we say “shopping for camera”, it will probably be:

  1. A DSLR camera deal, with major accessories like lens and flash unit.
  2. A complete DSLR camera deal, usually uni branded, with all major accessories included
  3. A DSLR camera, paired up with a deal for the best combo lens, flash unit, and probably some handy accessories


First up we have an entry level DSLR camera from Canon’s latest Rebel lineup, which are quickly becoming a crowd favorite. If you are a casual photographer looking to throw in more depth and quality to your everyday photos, the Rebel SL1 is perfectly capable of doing just that with a price tag that won’t hurt your pocket. The package, priced under $400, comes with a unit, and 2 lens at 75/300mm refurbished by Canon themselves, and comes with a full 1 year warranty, probably the best deal for a DSLR camera you’ll see all year.

  1. Panasonic G7 ($497.99)


While usually we are pointed in the way of Canon or Nikon when choosing a DSLR camera, the Panasonic G7 is probably the best entry level DSLR camera you’ll come across. It features a very sleek and compact body kit and provides some of the best enhancements in this price range, namely the 4K video recording capability and the advanced 4K photo modes from the company itself. If you are looking to go with some extra features to go at hand without getting into the big league of expensive DSLR cameras, then this one is a definite model to consider.

 Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera with 18-140mm Lens ($996.95)


Nikon’s D7100 is a great option to have for folks with a more serious approach towards photography, still staying inside a healthy price margin. The camera, coming with a 18-40mm lens features 1080i video recording, a 24MP sensor and a native ISO of 6400. D7100 is a great performer overall, and considering the hefty discount of $400, it’s a real bargain. Plus for a limited time only, you can bag in a free Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter absolutely free.

 Canon EOS 80D Camera 18-55mm stm 75-300mm 30 Piece Accessory Bundle (1289.95)

Canon EOS 80D lies right there in the middle when it comes to amateur to professional photography, and features the proprietary dual pixel AF technology. This hefty deal gets you the body, coupled with 2 advanced lens and 30 additional accessories at a whopping 24% off discount. If you are looking for a complete deal on photography, this deal has got all of it.

Nikon D5 Digital SLR Camera ($5211)

Moving on to the big fishes in the ocean, Nikon D5 is right on top of the line up commercial grade DSLR cameras. The camera features the company’s widest range native ISO. The camera hardware with a dedicated processor delivers a blazing 200 shots in a single burst, thanks to the continuous AF and AE capability at 12 frames per sec. Video recording is right there at the top, clocked in at 4K UHD. The rest of the features are all what you’d expect in a mid range professional DSLR camera. The XQD body is priced in at nearly $1300 less the original price, allowing you to get adequately geared up with accessories.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera ($1849)

The EOS 5D is one of the most widely used DSLR models, to this date. Even with a few newer models out for the series, the camera holds its own with comparable specs. Some major features include a 22 MP sensor, with a burst mode shooting capability at 6fps. The model is very first of the cameras to incorporate manual audio control, so there’s a lot at play here. Get this model priced in at $1550 the usual price. Alright so here we are, Cyber Monday and Black Friday is ready to go full flight with a barrage of offers, bigger and better than last year. DSLR cameras are becoming more of a norm than ever, so it’s better now than ever to get in on a deal this year. For more deals and offers on this year’s DSLR cameras you can keep a lookout at big brands like Amazon, ebay, or more photography centric portals like Canon, Nikon and BHphotovideo. Also dont forget to visit our website at Shopping Spout us for the latest deals on all kinds of electronics.

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