Decorating Easter Eggs Differently this Year

By Admin Published on March 25, 2016Seasonal & Holidays Crafts
Decorating Easter Eggs Differently this Year

Decorating easter eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is always a fun way to enjoy this time of year, especially with kids. For many of us, it is a re connection to the colors of spring and beginning of a fresh start. And what’s an Easter without some cool looking Easter Eggs at your disposal.

If you’re still content with dipping eggs in dye to get away with it, it’s time to move on. We’ve got some handy decorating ideas for Easter Eggs this season, and with just a few simple ingredients and effort, this Easter is going be a lot more fun.


Decorate with stickers easter eggs

This one is probably even easier than color dyeing Easter eggs. Just apply fake tattoos on some eggshells to create lots of Easter eggs within minutes. It’s an especially kids favorite if you throw in some superhero tattoos in there.


easter egg name tags


You can personalize eggs with kid names to give as gifts this Easter. Just dip and egg in a laying position in a color dye, submerging it about two thirds in, leaving one face of the shell as white for the tag. You can either opt for one letter or complete name stickers on the white face. You can throw in come acrylic colors to dot around the white face to make it pop.


Easter egg emojis

This is another simple yet effective way to decorate eggs, and put in some expressions to the shell. The recipe here is simple. Dip the eggs in yellow red or blue dye and draw different emojis on each shell with black marker. Be as creative as you can.


Marbled estaer eggs


Now this looks a lot difficult than it actually is. You just need to boil and eggs, and with a spoon, delicately put cracks all over the eggs. Delicacy is key here, don’t hit too hard that the shell starts to break away. Keep the eggs soaked in a tea soy mixture for some time and then peel off the shell to reveal a marble like texture on the egg.

Now we’ve given you some brilliant new ideas for decorating Easter Eggs today, but that doesn’t mean that’s just about it. It’s all in the creativity and imagination, so test out a few styles of your own for fun. Let your inner decorator run wild this Easter!


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