Women’s Soccer World Cup 2015 – USA’s Glory

By Admin Published on August 06, 2015Health & Fitness

Women’s Soccer World Cup semi final was played against Japan Vs England! There were many teams that participated in the Women’s Soccer World Cup Championship but it came down to top 4 teams, namely England, Japan, Germany and USA. As we all know that Japan Vs England semi final was held on Thursday 2nd July 2015 at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Canada. Football Lovers will like these Sports & Outdoors Deals.

Many football lovers were talking about the match, who is going to win the semi finals between England and Japan? If we take a quick look back on past years tournaments, Japan and England played 3 matches against each other; from which 2 games were drawn and 1 game went in the favor of the English. The year 2015 was a promising year for Japan, as after reaching the semi’s they managed to keep the streak alive by defeating the English with a score of 2-1. It was a joyous win for the Japanese, as they were the better team that rattled the English out of the tournament.


Who Will Win?

Mark Sampson the coach of English football team managed to bring team England in the semi’s but was not successful to take them through to the finals. However with the loss in the semi-finals, they had one more game against Germany for the third spot! A few days ago the second group semi finals against Germany VS USA, was an entertaining event. USA managed to steal a victory against the Germans, as the match resulted in 2-0 in favor of USA. As the stage was set to see, who is going to win the gold against the two rivals USA VS JAPAN?

However as the finals commenced between the two teams, after a thrilling 90 minutes of action between the two teams USA turned out to be the better team that won the finals by the score of 2-0. Team USA is a very happy team because they were one of the best line up’s that were determined to win the Women’s Soccer World Cup Championship 2015. I have mentioned below the stats for the whole tournament for a better understanding.


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