Ken Stabler – Valuable Player Passed Away

By Admin Published on August 06, 2015Health & Fitness

This is a very sad day in the history of NFL because one of the most popular and loved iconic player departed from this world. The greatest footballer of the 80’s Ken Stabler passes away at the age of 69, his family members who confirmed the death of the super legend on Wednesday 08th July 2015. Many people may not be familiar with Ken Stabler and his achievements but his fans from the 70’s and 80’s surely know a lot about him. His devotion to the NFL in the early 70’s and 80’s was just spectacular. Ken Stabler, nicked named as the snake was a four time Pro Bowl Selection and a longtime Oakland Raiders quarterback, which spent his career from 1970 till 1979. Later on, he was drafted to other leagues, where he played off many seasons till his last match against the New Orleans Saints. A little bit of knowledge may put some light on his historical career at the NFL.

The legendary player was a huge fan of football since his childhood; as he was among those fine students that were always available to play the game of football for his high school team. His skills were purely backed by his stamina, speed and logic; however he was described by his team mates and coach as the perfect “Raider”. His dedication to the game proved that he was an ultra clean player for both offensive and defensive mode. As a part of his career, he was awarded numerous times. In the year 1974, he was named as the finest offensive player of the Year during his tenure with the Oakland Raiders. Shortly, after two years; he was rewarded as the player of the year due to his long throws down the field. Simply, he was a snake that always found a way to give his team the score they needed. In his reign, there was nobody to replace him, even his team mates considered him as a super bowl champion and incredible mentor to younger footballers. Anybody who could lift up a win, it was only Ken! And because of his one of a kind game play, Ken was listed in the Hall of Fame and later became a commentator for CBS NFL radio.

Outside of his NFL Career, Ken Stabler was a noble and a generous man that would never refuse a single autograph from a fan or a help from anyone. He was a calm and happy person that was always seen smiling, even though he had some personal life issues but never ever, he displeased anyone, even at the hardest moment. After retiring from the game, he did lots of charitable work, which raised funds to help the ill and injured children by providing them medical facilities free of cost.

Fans and his supporters are truly going to miss his him! Stabler was battling with colon cancer which caused him his life. He was a very generous person and a great father to 3 pretty angelic daughters that truly miss him. This is truly a heart breaking moment as we have lost a great man and during this difficult time, we pay respect and offer our condolences to his family members. May his soul Rest in Peace, Amen!

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