The Tiny Little Computer is Amazing

By Admin Published on August 06, 2015Technology and Gadgets

The technology is now getting smaller and smaller every year and now it has gotten even smaller. You know that a USB is considered as the smallest piece of tech which stores all your necessary documents? Now how about having a USB that has the whole computer inside? (Apart from the Monitor). This is just isn’t some USB, it is a whole working computer that just need to be plugged to any Monitor which support USB output and you’re good to go. This device is manufactured by Intel and contains the same features as the normal PC does but in a shape of USB of course. You take this device anywhere you go, whether inside your pocket or purse. Specifically, it is not very powerful but could perform task of a normal computer; however you can Browse, Document, Chat, Stream, Benchmark, Installations, Transferring, Give Presentations and many other tasks can be easily made easy by this wonderful gadget.

The specifications are following with all the key features:

• Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail processor • The Windows version comes with 2 GB of ram and 32 GB of flash storage where as the Linux version comes with 1 GB of Ram and 8 GB of flash storage. The Windows version cost more than the Linux version. • The storage can be easily extended with flash memory card which you can just insert into the micro SD card slot. • It has built-in Intel HD Graphics running at 311 MHz • It has Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and also supports WIFI Connectivity. • The package comes with pre-installed Windows 8.1 which is rumored to be updated upon the release of Windows 10. • The sound quality is also great, although depends on the monitor’s speakers. • Performance is absolutely amazing with full graphics (Don’t expect to play games) • The whole package will come with a Micro USB cable, HDMI Cable and with Drivers.

Now with all the ultra compact tablets and PC’s can now stand sit in the second row because a new transformation is about to take place in the front line. This is really amazing and indeed won’t cost you any bottle-necking once you get used to it. It will transform your whole TV or Monitor into something never before. This handy device is also a great convenience for those who want to do all business work and bench-marking. It is like a second business handler only in a shape of a USB Stick! You just have to plug it and the wireless feature enables you to operate it with the same experience we get from using an actual computer.

The computer stick is very light and serves to toggle the best performance but it is not capable of performing heavy works. Still it enables users with many features that can come in handy in performing effectively.

Take your computation to the next level with Intel’s Computer Stick which is available in different prices for both Windows and Linux version. Make your life work easier and simple.

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