Bill Gates – A stallion behind the success of Microsoft

By Admin Published on August 06, 2015Technology and Gadgets

Just four decades ago when there was no term such as IT, loads of new thinkers were just ready to sparkle on the horizons of electronics. There was a drop out from the education system that startled the whole world with his brilliant inventions; it is Sir Bill Gates that registered Microsoft with the collaboration of Paul Allen in the year 1976.

The first rise and shine of Microsoft to collaborate with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in their different projects that really was a big step for a company which just started a year back. On the other hand Bill Gates just found new ways to push further by working with different other companies for their needs of computer languages.

Having an international office is really a big dream for any company and this baby company took that first step right in the heart of electronics hub which was Japan. Microsoft reached the verge of making the first Million that was a tremendous experience under the lead of ex Chief Software Architect Bill Gates.

In 1980s when era of Computer Languages rose on the top and Microsoft made a deal with the largest contender of Electronic World, IBM to provide DOS (Disc Operating System), which is the most integral part of every personal computer after years and years of its making.

Windows, a famous brand and also the most earning product by any vendor till date, just came into the market

“It Came, It Explored, and It became a new God”

The next biggest move ever was the making of Microsoft Office, which taken over the basic needs of every person from personal mailing, notes, business writing needs, presentations and in the last but most important account.

In all these years, Bill Gates also was involved in so many lawsuits with Apple and proved a great leader of such big name in the industry. In 2008 after so many innovations by Microsoft, Bill Gates left the company and also shared that he will work on his charity project as a full time person.

This is not the end as Microsoft plans to launch their newest and updated operating system named as Windows 10. Surely it is heard to be released with new and upgraded features!

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