SnapPower Guidelight Your Ultimate Night Light For Sleeping

By Admin Published on January 03, 2018Technology and Gadgets
SnapPower Guidelight Your Ultimate Night Light For Sleeping

Night Light for Sleeping

There is no doubt in saying that lighting plays a vital role in our daily lives right from the wee morning hours to the late nights or time for bed, They play a significant role in our lives so just imagine life without a proper nightlife especially where you have hallways, staircases, bedrooms that can be dangerously dark and tripping and falling can be a normal part of your night life. This is exactly where the SnapPower multi-functional power outlet comes to your rescue, Let the power outlet do the work while you sleep from giving you the required light you need to move freely feeling protected while these dim lights show you the way to the stairs or the bathroom at the middle of the night and yet at the same time let these power outlets get all your gadgets charged so you don’t have to fume when you get up in the morning for a hectic day.

And if you think that this is something you struggle with almost every day then you are at the right place. SnapPower the online store meets all your night light requirements bringing you a wide selection of elegant Guidelight, Safelights, Switch Lights and other additional accessories through excellent rebates & discounts like the 10% Off Sitewide SnapPower Coupon Code.

GuideLight Price

The Original GuideLight's single piece price is $15 & If you will buy in bulk, you can Save up to 10% Off Guidelight and also may utilize 10% off code for more savings.

SnapPower Guidelight

GuideLight 2 Plus

Guidelight 2 Plus is the new product of SnapPower which is available for the price of $19.00 Per Select Pack Size, Buy 5 pack and save 11% off order & buy more, save more.

Guidelight 2 Plus

GuideLight 2 Plus for GFCI Outlets

This guidelight is specifically designed for the GFCI style outlet and you can buy select single per pack as low as $19, but you can save more by buying in bulk order such as 10% Off 16 Pack, 11% Off 5 Pack, 5% Off 3 Pack & extra 10% Off with Guidelight coupon.

Guidelight 2 plus for gfci outlet

6 Unbelievable Facts About SnapPower Guidelight:

While you get carried away and mesmerized with dreams of an elegant but practical lighting expert scroll along to know more about the excellent features that would simple seem unbelievable for all your night life.

No to bright not to dim: It gives you just proper night light for sleeping the way you need it you have the say the adjustable switch lets you set the brightness you require according to your whims and fancies so you can relax and enjoy after a tiring day.

No extras: Tired of keeping additional batteries or keeping tangled wires in place, It’s the tech era get rid of them the new SnapPower Guidelight has patented prongs that take care of the power giving you a choice of multi tasking throughout the night.

Do It Yourself: You don’t need an expert to fix it up, You can do it all yourself (DIY) excited, Well you have to be just unscrew the old plate and put in the new one and you are all done. They are so easy to install that you can use them from the garage to the pathway into your rooms and they have a 25 years working span.

Free Outlets : You never seem to have enough of them in the house but now can now use your I Pads, Mobile or Laptops and leave them connected as you don’t need the outlet that always took priority for your bedroom light as the light is inbuilt the outlets are yours to use the way you want to at night.

Sensitivity: You don’t have to struggle to put them on and off they just go off when it’s all bright and when it’s dark so you don’t have to worry about fully lit rooms wasting electricity or dark pathways that need to be lit dimly throughout the day. The Snap Power Guidelight knows it all.

Stay Healthy: These lights have umpteen health benefits from reducing headaches, decreased stress and anxiety levels increasing your productivity and performance.

With these health benefits, affordability and the excellent cover plates that are multifunctional from charging your gadgets to giving you the perfect light you need at night not too bright and not too light there is no reason you don’t purchase one or should I say multiple ones.

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