Star Wars themed Halloween Costumes for Everyone in Family

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Star Wars themed Halloween Costumes for Everyone in Family

Halloween is undoubtedly the most fun and nerd friendly time of the year, when being a fantasy fanatic or a nerd is the real deal. It’s a fest for everyone, adult or children, when everybody loves to buy and wear Halloween costumes. There’s so much out there, so much to choose from. It’s only one day in a year and you need to make up your mind on which one favorite characters you’re going to be this year. Tough one, right!

If Star Wars is your thing this year, then we’ve assembled a pretty formidable team of Star wars Halloween costumes. Star Wars has been a legend ever since the 70’s outburst of the movies and continues to do so with the revamped take on the series with Rogue One. SO, without further wait, here are the choices we have for you for this year’s Halloween.


Halloween Costumes for Men

Stormtrooper Adult Deluxe Costume

stormtrooper-deluxe halloween costume

Go classic Star Wars with these easy to wear storm trooper costumes, if you are willing to go light and on the dark side with the Galactic Empire. Officially licensed design and material makes you look identical to the storm trooper army in the Star Wars Franchise. Get your discount on the costume by applying this coupon code from

Men’s Deluxe Luke Skywalker Costume

luke-skywalker costume

Nothing says hero more than the costume in the Star Wars universe. The contemporary style of the fabric, paired with the identical boot covers and bold black belt provide a real feel of a true Jedi rebel fighter. Be ready to be the real Luke this Halloween!Grab the costume at 20% discount here: CostumeSuperCenter

Darth Vader Collector Costume

darthvader costume on sale

If there was to be a bigger villain and an even deadlier foe to the Rebel Alliance than the darkest Jedi of them all, Darth Vader. The costume is designed for the cosplay fans who are willing to go that extra mile to nail the most impressive cosplay look.The collector edition of the costume features highly authentic armor pieces and a full-fledged face mask to bring back memories of the Star Wars franchise. If you’re willing to go that extra mile this Halloween, accessorize the outfit with the Darth Vader Lightsaber 


Halloween Costumes for Women and Girls

Star Wars The Force Awakens (Rey) Costume

rey star wars costume exclusive code

She’s the most influential hero to grace the Star Wars franchise when it received the new lineup of movies, after the legendary Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader debacle. Considering the main antagonist of the franchise is now Rey, this makes being a part of the Halloween cosplay feat evenly important for females.

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 Princess Leia Hooded Costume (Classic Version)


Extremely easy to wear in a party, this is a throwback to the 80s era of the Star Wars era, bringing in that casual yet royal looking attire of Princess Leia to the mix, reminding us of iconic role portrayed by Carrie Fisher. Its kids counterpart, Princess Leia costume for Girls is modified into a very cute mini dress, retaining the belt and the hood in black color.

Grab the costume at 20% discount here: SpiritHalloween

Captain Phasma Costume

captain-phasma costume at spirit halloween


Captain Phasma costume for adults is perhaps the most difficult character to have been played, obviously after Darth Vader himself, the reason being a skin clad distinctive complete body armor is a challenge in itself, let alone command the First Order’s Legions of Storm troopers.

Nevertheless, the costume is a real treat for those looking for the ultimate Star Wars cosplay challenge. Also comes in Captain Phasma Costume for Kids

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Star Wars Halloween Costumes for kids: Darth Maul


The costume features a miniature Darth Maul Halloween Costume jumpsuit with intricate details on the classic body paint like textures worn by the infamous villain of the franchise. The real challenge we thought would be to get your kid as close as possible to looking like the real silent assassin of Star Wars. Pair it  with a doubled edged light saber and if you are up for it, get them face painted like the character.

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