How to Rock Mens Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren

By Admin Published on December 30, 2015Fashion
How to Rock  Mens Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren

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Commencing 40 years back as a tie-selling store, Ralph Lauren has come a long way, culminating into a full-blown designer brand. It has redefined and revolutionized American design. Ralph Lauren is chiefly known for its high quality products, creating diversity and inviting people into their world. They were the prime trendsetters of lifestyle ads, telling a unique story for engaging the customers.

Introduced back in 1974, polo shirt from Ralph Lauren has stamped itself on each passing generation of individuals preferring the casual lifestyle. It was released in 24-colors in a singular fit. Each season, new offers and designs are released from the brand. Ralph Lauren takes brand on a whole new level with a rich and interactive interface and keeps up with the cultural trends.

Polo Shirts by Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren started a new cultural trend of polo shirt wear in men. It was the preferred form of clothing since polo players could wear it without their collar bogging them down. The polo shirts were an ode to polo lifestyle, creating a brand logo and a new lifestyle worldwide.Polo shirts are a revolution in itself since it has simplified casual dressing for men. Wear it with jeans, chinos and skirts. Polo shirts are available for men, women and children, spanning a generation of polo people.

Best Polo shirt Deals from Ralph Lauren

Types of Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

There are primarily 3-types of polo shirts sold by Ralph Lauren:

Polo Men’s Slim Fit

  • The loose sleeves fall near the elbow with lower armholes designed for ease of wear
  • Fully cut for a relaxed wear
  • It is easier to tuck in jeans but would look as chic with the khakis 
  • Available in plain or striped patterns with contrasting collar and arm band

Deal for Striped Polo shirt Ralph Lauren

To find this style of Polo shirt for only $39.99 from Ralph Lauren Click Here

Polo Men’s Custom Fit:

  • In comparison to the aforementioned type, this shirt is 1.5 inches shorter with higher armholes
  • Its sleeves are 1.5 inches shorter than the slim fit type
  • As opposed to slim fit, this shirt is 1.5 inches trimmer

Slim Fit Customizable Polo Shirt Ralph Lauren

This slim-fitting short-sleeved polo shirt features the signature Ralph Lauren Big Pony, a flag patch and a sporty numeral. Made with breathable  Cotton mesh and sporting ribbed polo collar you can get your name embroidered for up to 10 characters and flag can be customized for 11 countries. Available at Ralph Lauren for $135

Polo Men’s Classic Fit

  • The length of sleeves and armholes are same as slim fit
  • Much more trimmed compared to custom fit
  • It is 1.5 inches shorter in length at the front and the back

Classic Fit Polo shirt Ralph Lauren

This short-sleeved polo shirt is cut from breathable cotton mesh, and has tennis tail which helps to keep the shirt in place when tucked in. Available in two colors of French Navy and Athletic Green and on sale now for only $35.99. Click here to fetch this deal right now.

Wear it Right

Now, when youve found your dream polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, there are some tricks to rock it properly thatll make you look completely at ease. First, never wear these with an undershirt. Theyre meant to be casual. An undershirt will bulk up the look and the sleeves might peak out for a shabby look. Also always tuck in your polo shirt from Ralph Lauren for a more polished look but it can be tucked out as well for a casual breezy afternoon. And yes last but not least never pop the collar.

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