Finish Line vs Foot Locker – Which offers more variety, cheaper prices & easier shopping?

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IN-headquartered athletic shoes and related apparel retailer Finish Line and NY-headquartered sportswear and footwear retailer Foot Locker are two of America’s most popular sports clothing and shoe stores. Finish Line operates 660 stores in 47 states and Puerto Rico and Finish Line-branded athletic shoe departments in over 450 Macy's stores, while Foot Locker runs 871 stores in the contiguous United States (and 3,310 globally!).

With both companies operating since the 1970s (Finish Line: 1976; Foot Locker: 1974), one can’t help but get confused over which might be better i.e. which one of the two stores offers more variety, cheaper prices, and an easier way to shop.
Finish Line Vs Foot Locker

Let us compare the two companies below to help you see which might be a better choice for you.

Foot Locker vs. Finish Line: The Ease of Shopping Round

Judging by the number of places where you can shop, Finish Line is the clear winner with its 1,110 spaces in total. You should be able to more easily find a Finish Line space compared to that of a Foot Locker. 

In the free shipping game, Foot Locker is the winner with its free shipping on orders over $50. You don’t get such an offer from Finish Line, except if you are a member of their customer loyalty program, you get free shipping for a year. It should be noted here that Foot Locker also offers free shipping to members of its loyalty program. In our book, Foot Locker is the winner because of the free shipping on all orders over $50.

Both online stores – and – offer buy online and pickup in-store service for you to be able to get your purchased items even quicker.

In the ease of shopping round, the final score is Finish Line: 2 | Foot Locker: 2

Finish Line vs. Foot Locker: The Brands & Products Round

In round two, we are going to take a look at what brands and products each of the two stores carry with an emphasis on sneakers. Declaring a winner for this round might look to be difficult, but hang on.

Finish Line has 40 brands, while Foot Locker has 112! The number of brands that the latter carries makes it a clear winner.

Both stores sell shoes, clothing, and accessories for men, women, boys, and girls, so no winner in this game. Boring, we know.

The Sneakers Overtime

Since both primarily sell sports footwear – sneakers to be exact – we had to have a separate play to try to decide a winner, and did we achieve the goal. Finish Line has shoes in stock from 21 brands like Finish Line Air Force 1. Finish Line Toddler Boy Shoes, Finish Line Toddler Girl Shoes, Kobe Shoes Finish Line, Carmelo Anthony Shoes Finish Line & Finish Line Air Max 97, while Foot Locker, 31! Ladies and gents, boys and girls, and children of all ages like Ken Griffey Jr Shoes Foot Locker, Yeezy Shoes Foot Locker, Nickelodeon Shoes Foot Locker & Lebron Martin Shoes Foot Locker, you have your overtime (and round) winner there.

Round 2 Final Score: Finish Line: 1 | Foot Locker: 3

Foot Locker vs. Finish Line: The Cheaper Price Round


As you can understand we can’t possibly compare prices of all products available at these stores to declare a winner for this one-game round, we have to declare a tie. We will say this: you are going to find prices to be the same for most if not almost all products at both these stores. To be confirmed on the price of a product you want to buy, we would still recommend you to visit the website of both the stores and buy from whichever store offers the item cheaper.

Round 3 Final Score: Foot Locker: 1 | Finish Line: 1

Finish Line vs. Foot Locker: The Playoff

The total of points that each store gets in each round brings out a clear winner: Foot Locker.

A disclosure

While this league of an article declares Foot Locker the winner, we are fans of Finish Line ourselves, maybe more than Foot Locker’s. Our favorite team rarely wins. It’s the story of our life.

Time to cheer up for fans of all teams: here are links to Finishline discount code and Footlocker discount code to buy yourself some amazing footlocker sneakers and/or finishline sneakers along with sports clothing and accessories.

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