Designer Yoga Pants from

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Designer Yoga Pants from

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Yoga  is  all about relaxation, Philosophy  and  Practice, It also  indicates  style  and  comfort, You’ve   finally made  the decision to get your   mind and  body  healthy and  beautiful. We will help you get that extra mile ahead by providing you all the comfort you would need during your Yoga session. The first thing that comes  to your  mind is the clothing gear  that  would  be  comfortable to do your favorite postures like Kundalini , Ashtang or  the famous  Iyengar Yoga. There are several brands available for yoga pants and many designers who design specifically the sports and workout gear. A good yoga pant would not only fit comfortably but also would give extra comfort against moisture and wouldnt hinder during your workout as well as would be long lasting and keeps it shape after several washes We  are showcasing some of the best yoga brands that bring you Trendy  and   comfy  yoga  pants  at reasonable  prices and  exclusive  shipping offers  on some. There are user friendly Terms & conditions that you would love as well. 

Electric Yoga Pants at


Looking for  something that is  not very stretchy and  has a  little  firmness,  try out the Black natural slightly stretchy bottom leggings from Electric Yoga. With 75% Cotton 13% Polyester and 12% Spandex you will love  the fit and the comfort  of  the material. As the saying goes ‘Black is  beautiful’ these yoga leggings would go with all different types and colors of your tops and would become your favorite in no time. Retailing for $108.00 you can get these with a 20% OFF coupon on first order plus free shipping from

Luck Panther yoga pants at


Another fabulous brand that brings you contrasted pretty print leggings with cool light and bright that can be adjusted with any tops or T-shirts you would have is Luck Panther. They have  stretchy polyester  pants available  in self  prints. Killer  color  combinations of  shades  or  solid  colors, the  multi-shades pants  are something that I would  definitely recommend, as it  would give  you the  perfect trendy look. And please do not forget to have a look at the Wicking Spandex Stretchy Bottom Pants, an  exclusive  one  for  all those  out there  who prefer knee length pants  for  a tough workout.

HotFace Yoga Pants and Sports wear at


These ultra trendy tops, sports bras and yoga pants bring a sophisticated and designer touch to sports gear. If you are a  soft and  cool color  lover and  like  to be  simple  but yet elegant, this is your designer brand for yoga pants and all other workout tops.They get you this  sleekly designed  black leggings  with a  few  panels  of  transparent fabric  for you to breathe  away  from the typical leggings  and  give you that cool look which sets  you apart from the rest.

Waking bee Designer Yoga Pants and Sports Gear at


A unique  collection called Wakingbee consists of  floral  prints  and  solid  colors to choose  from running from  gray to Blue, The fabric  is  carefully made  in polyester  and  Nylon for  the  oh so bad  laundry days where you can  just  quickly launder and dry. They also  bring you a  lovely offer  of  Free shipping on  some  exclusive  collections. So venture out and try their simple yet elegant styles.

Samyama Yoga Pants at


Samyama brings you solid colored leggings made with spandex and breathable that can be used with printed tops to bring in the wilder side of you. The  colors run from a  bright orange to the royal  navy blue. The style is mostly suited for girls and teenagers and the clothes are comfortable enough to hangout or be comfortable in school or college.

IcyZone Yoga Pants:


When you make  your  imagination  run wild  into creativity and  go ahead  to explore graphical patterns and even 3D patterns  you come  up  with something very  distinctive. Thats where Icy Zone gear is unique.They have  made  all those  efforts  to make  you stand  out in the crowd. The  fuchsia colored graphic print  printed  leggings  for the party look  on the days  you feel bright and  happy, Aqua  abstract , Multi color  leggings   with panels , the heavenly black and  the deep gray abstract paneled  bottoms and almost abstract printed tops in black and white is a tough selection to select from. 

So there you have it the top and best designer sports gear and yoga pants from And dont forget to get the latest coupon codes and free shipping with www shoppingspout us. Happy shopping!

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