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RinseKit History

Rinsekit has introduced first time ever, a portable shower kit created under the supervision of RinseKit owner Chris Crawford. The RinseKit is a portable pressurized shower/clean up system. Holds up to 2 gallons of water and fills from any home spigot in 20 seconds time with o pumping necessary.. The company is not popular yet but Chris is striving to bring it to the top and only you can make it possible. RinseKit retails at $89.99

RinseKit Usage

You can expect so many things from RinseKit, it can be used during travel, for cleaning cars, windows and also good for watering plants and more.

RinseKit Niche

RinseKit has daily visits of 611. The website is ranked at 1,022,159 in the world.

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About RinseKit

Shop smartly when you visit RinseKit, use ultimate saving RinseKit Coupon Codes to save huge on orders. Ever thought about a portable shower? It’s time for a big change for the act of freedom and comfort. Rinsekit brings you something really amazing, for the first time ever you can use portable shower. It was under development for a long time in supervision of Chris Crawford (The Inventor), he saw the market is in need of something that’ll make lifestyle easy, he knew that some folks notability old ones can’t enjoy the fun of summer season at beaches because of various terms. Chris decided to help them out by introducing prototype Rinsekit fill kit at cheap cost that will not only work old folks but customers can even use it to wash cars and other stuffs.

Rinsekit Kickstarter Campaign successfully raised enough funds for their newly launched The Revolutionary Portable Shower that easily delivers hot, pressurized water anywhere you desire. It’s a portable device design to give users best experience of bath whether at beach, backyard or even during travel. Rinsekit Pressurized Portable Shower requires no pumping or even batteries. All you have to do is fill it with two gallons of water and enjoy the rinsing experience.

Chris Crawford own a store at Carlsbad, California, his vision was to introduce something that’ll amaze everyone and he finally succeeded because this is what public for looking for. This product is also good for watering garden, washing vehicle and other outdoor stuffs. The product does not require any type of pressure or battery as said before, just press the button and enjoy chilling experience. The corporate is able to first ship around 1000 of kits in US, all thanks to Kickstarter who helped company raised up to $396,299 USD with 2,412 backers. The corporate is also promoting other KickStarter campaign in order to help them raise enough money to launch their product in market.

The corporate warehouse is stocked with new RinseKits ready for shipment. Still even such magnificent product, must be wondering about the price right? No need to fear because the founder, Chris Crawford cares about that too. You can buy the whole shower kit for only $89.99 that includes free shipping for US Citizens. Your Feedbacks are also necessary, the more you send your feedbacks, the more company will try to modify their product and bring you the best quality kit you need. Also find in-store offers for discount on RinseKit Parts.

Technology is tend to make life easier and many individuals have brought us their great ideas that are helping us on a daily basis. Rinse Kit was started by a similar idea by its owner that love surfing and enjoy himself on beach but the problem that soon grabbed his attention was an immediate availability of shower that can clean him up, so he don’t have to waste his precious time. His idea soon became popular and earned him a massive number of loyal customers that did more than just by his product but circulated his product to many other people. You can be sure to save yourself a bunch of time either its washing your boots after day long work or cleaning up your dog before putting him in your car. Their product is also made affordable for their consumers to buy it for less but if you are looking to shave off more money off their products than check out our Rinse Kit coupon code and get yourself their amazing product for less. We are always there to help you out and bring you premium products for less. So, before paying in full, remember to see our Rinse Kit promo and coupon code for maximum savings.

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