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Fourth of July is a happy day for all citizens of United States of America. Legal separation of Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain occurred in 1776. Second Continental Congress approved a resolution and declared Thirteen Colonies as an independent nation known as United States of America. The independence is considered as a right for people living in any country. A large population living in any part of world has a right to form an independent state where they can live a peaceful and happy life. They can form their government and made a system without any influence or intervention of any other country. Thirst of independence born when majority of people decide to form a sovereign state where the rights of the people were respected and there is no influence of any country in the state matters. People of sovereign country live more happily than any occupied state.

On July 4, people of United States celebrate their independence day. It is a federal holiday because people have to celebrate this big day. Independence Day celebrated as a festival throughout the state. They start their day with parades carried by their armed forces. They Government officials also address people about the importance of independence and role of their heroes. People used to enjoy parties, barbecues, carnivals, picnics and concerts on this day. They buy clothing and accessories printed with flag or national heroes. Large amount of badges, shields, souvenirs were made on this special occasion. Brands use to launch sale and deals on their products to make people happy.

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