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About Ergobaby

ERGObaby is a leading company that focuses on designing and selling premium baby consumer products and innovative solutions to meet the parents needs. Started in 2003 out of one mothers need to create an innovative baby carrying design that would be both comfortable and easy to use, ERGObaby revolutionized the way mothers carry their babies. Karin Frost designed her soft structured carrier that has become the gold standard. These carriers give customers the freedom to do whatever they need while keeping the baby close. The ERGObaby Carriers are thoughtfully designed so that customers could comfortably cradle their babies in a natural sitting position, with baby\\\'s weight evenly distributed between their hips and shoulders.

ERGOBaby has grown into a leading provider of baby support and care. As it strives tirelessly to develop and market only the best in baby holders and products, ERGOBaby makes it easy for you and your significant other to transport your child seamlessly. The company has established its position as a leader in the industry with wonderful offers that make it easy to enjoy the convenience and safety each of its product features. Whether customers are looking for a solution to transport their new born more easily or for someone dear to you, select ERGOBaby for easy solutions for your infant needs.

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