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Columbus Day

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Columbus day history and Columbus day date


October Columbus Day is a holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus ' landing, which takes place on Monday, October 14, in 1492 and monday columbus day [Y], in the Americas. It was celebrated inofficially already in the 18th century in several cities and countries, but was not made a federal festival until 1937. For many, vacation is a way to honor the achievements of Columbus and to celebrate the Italian-American heritage. But Columbus Day and the man who inspired it have generated controversy throughout their history and since the seventies there have been many alternatives to vacation.

Christopher Columbus


The Italian explorer who sailed to Asia in August of 1492 was Christopher Columbus, with the backing of the Spanish King and Queen Isabella. On Columbus Day a Parade is held known as columbus day parade.

Columbus was to map a western sea route to China, India and Asia's famous gold and spice islands. He landed on the Bahamas on October 12, becoming the first European to explore America since the Vikings in Greenland and Newfoundland established colonies in the 10th century.

Reality of the Earth


You knew that? In Columbus ' day, most well educated Europeans understood that the world was round, but they didn't understand the Pacific Ocean. Columbus and his contemporaries therefore presumed that only the Atlantic lay among Europe and the wealth of the East India.

Columbus later saw Cuba in October and thought it was continental China; the expedition discovered Hispaniola in December, which he felt could be Japan. In the Americas, with 39 of his men he created Spain's first colony.

Columbus, with gold, spices, and Indian captives, returned to Spain in March 1493. A few more times before his death in 1506, the explorer crossed the Atlantic. Columbus finally realized it wasn't till his third trip that he had never reached Asia but stumbled on a continent that Europeans earlier unknown.

First Columbus Day Celebration


The first Columbus Day was celebrated in 1792, with an event to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the historic landing, the Columbian Order in New York–better known as the Tammany Hall. Italian and Catholic communities in different areas of the nation, taking pride in Columbus ' birthplace and belief in his honor, have begun organizing annual religious ceremonies.

In 1937, christopher columbus day was declared as the national holiday (columbus day no school, columbus holiday) of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, mainly due to the intense lobbying by Columbus Kenes, an important Catholic brotherly organisation.

Initially every October 12th was noted, but in October 1971 it was shifted to the second Monday.

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