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By Admin Published on July 07, 2018Gifts & Flowers
The people are becoming more and more aware of the importance to live a sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s by recycling, vegetarian food preferences and buying only organic products, to supporting businesses that provide sustainable products or services, while providing fair working conditions to workers. The sustainable eco-friendly initiatives involve around every aspect of life, from your home interior design to your clothing, to the organic markets where you go shopping and even to where you by your flowers, to brighten your home and your day.

Any kind of sustainable action goes a long way in the big picture of helping the planet. These initiatives have been discussed a lot in media lately, with the most recent one being about the usage of the “organic seal” in food production.

The Organic label dispute

The current hot discussion in the Organic food area at the moment is about whether it’s worth to pay double the price for the products with an “Organic” label. It’s meant to be a mark of guarantee that the product is made with minimal to none of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It also guarantees that animals are raised and treated according to certain guidelines.

However the dispute is over the current rules, and questions about adherence, which raises the doubt how to know if the price for the Organic production is justified. Therefore there was a federal audit in September 2017 where it was discovered that the U.S. Department of Agriculture was "unable to provide reasonable assurance" that required documents for imported organic grains were reviewed at domestic ports of entry.

So technically there could be a possibility that imported products can be wrongly labeled as organic, as there are no measures in place on how to check the origins, related to the Organic regulations.

Should you still buy sustainable products?

In order to make a decision on this matter, you need to think what it is really that you are supporting with an eco-lifestyle and sustainable living. Also understanding the questionable issues that surround this matter can help a lot. However in long term, it all comes down to protecting the environment and living healthier lives, therefore different consumer groups still recommend to buy eco products and support sustainable businesses.

Even if the ruling on organic production is not developed to the perfection yet, promoting sustainable agriculture, limiting damage to the environment and helping ourselves to be healthier still seems worth to be sticking by the production with the Organic stamp. Another positive aspect to the doubtful Organic stamp matter is the fact, that people are actually able to find more detailed information about specific products, either directly from producers or different institutions, for example, Cornucopia Institute, that rates dairy and egg farms.

Meanwhile, the responsible regulators and organic food companies are working to address the challenges posed by the organic industry's growth and complexity. And while it’s happening, it’s always great to find a new business who supports a sustainable lifestyle through their production. One of the best examples in the market is the BloomsyBox, bringing handpicked, hand-tied flower bouquets to you from sustainable farms all around the world.

The BloomsyBox - a sustainable flower producer

The BloomsyBox offers a fresh flower delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Their belief is that it should be simple for everyone to receive and enjoy fresh, beautiful blooms whenever and wherever they want: at home, at work, and everywhere in-between. And even more, instead of the traditionally mixed bouquets that you’re used to seeing in the stores, they are delivering simple yet chic and stylish single-variety flower bunches, that are delivered straight from the farm where they were grown. Use this coupon to ensure free shipping for your next BloomsyBox orders.

The way how the BloomsyBox works is that you first pick the most suitable subscription plan, and BloomsyBox will choose fresh and unique blooms for you every month. Checkout Bloomsy Box to access all the currently available coupons to get a discount for your perfect BloomsyBox order.

And remember that by using BloomsyBox as your flower provider, you’re supporting a sustainable business, as they partner with sustainable farms around the globe to provide you with the most beautiful and unique blooms around. They are all about beautiful flowers, as well as appreciating how they are grown and the people who grow them.

Therefore they only work with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. This way it’s ensured that no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization of flowers and the flower farm workers are treated fairly. Ready to get your first order? Use this coupon to get 5$ OFF of your monthly flower subscription.

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