Spring Cleaning Checklist with Tricks and Tips

By Admin Published on April 27, 2016Home & Garden Seasonal & Holidays
Spring Cleaning Checklist with Tricks and Tips


It is as if someone has blown life into the world when spring comes. From the dead silence to the peeping of birds, blooming flowers, creepy-crawlies, and bees all around, green trees and much more give the most exciting feelings ever. No matter, how enthusiastic the world is outside, the house still seems to suffer the winter blues and lifelessness. Spring cleaning is common and a much-needed traditional happening at the arrival of the season. 

What is Spring Cleaning?

Precisely, spring cleaning means taking basic actions to clean up your entire house to give it a bright look after the wear and tear of the winter season. It not only helps to give an annual cleaning but also puts away the things which aren't needed anymore. Most importantly, to begin, make up a spring cleaning list that will surely help to go with the flow and avoid messing around and the fatigue of where to begin.

How to Spring Clean?

Here we have shared a typical spring cleaning checklist that can surely help you to enjoy the season ahead. These are just the brief tips that can help you to plan out your spring cleaning checklist.

How to Spring Clean the House Exterior:

  1. Take a walk around your house and note down any broken structures or accessories like gutters around the house or structures that need to be repainted.
  2. Look for any broken caulk around the windows and doors as well.
  3. Also, look for any possible entries of pests inside the house as it is the time for ants and other pests to start getting into interiors.
  4. After the initial inspection make a list of what needs to be replaced or repaired and head out to your favorite hardware store to get your supplies.
  5. Once everything is replaced, repaired, and repainted, power wash the siding or brick to have a clean exterior of the house.
  6. Install your storm windows and use insect repellents to seal the boundaries for any incoming pests.
  7. Check your air conditioner and see if it needs any repairs or annual service.
  8. Clean your yard and also repair or take out your outside furniture.
  9. Add some spring bulbs in the front yard to have some color and curb appeal.

How to spring Clean the Interior of the House:

  1. Start by cleaning out all the closets and putting away the clothes and coats that aren't needed anymore. Do not forget to wash or dry clean according to manufacturer's directions
  2. Put away all the heavy blankets and bed sheets that would be too warm for the coming weather and store them away in plastic bins or any underused closets.
  3. Get your air vents and carpet cleaned as this is the best time to do that. If your hard floors need any wax or polishing schedule for that service as well.
  4. Launder out all the drapes and clean any hard window coverings.
  5. Dust out all the bigger furniture and get the upholstered furniture professionally cleaned if needed.
  6. Also dust off walls and ceilings, wall art, ceiling fans, curtains and draperies, chairs, tables,s and other furniture, and end up vacuuming rugs and carpets.
  7. In the kitchen also put away any appliances that you wouldn't need to cook those hot casseroles and clean out your grill to have the cookouts outside.

Happy Spring!

    • Don't forget the garage and clean out the floors and shelves.
    • Donate any unneeded items and clothing and make room for new ones as needed
    • Buy some new cutlery with spring colors and flaunt it around the kitchen and dining room
    • Spruce up the interior with some flower-scented candles and greenery around the house. Use our exclusive code for Target for free shipping to shop today.

Spring cleaning is a good time to give thorough cleaning not only to the house but to your mind and body as well. Now as the weather is nicer, head out and enjoy the outdoors. But do not forget to stock up on any allergy medicines and sprays if needed. Also, add some reusable water bottles and bug sprays to your shopping list to keep handy if needed. Spring Cleaning is a chore that everyone dreads and doesn't know where to start. I hope that we have helped you here with our checklist to get started and get done with it to enjoy this beautiful season.


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