How to care for a Barbeque grill? - Aug, 2023

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How to care for a Barbeque grill?

When the summer season is here, everyone loves to have Barbeque at their home. As summers are hot and everyone feels more comfortable being at home and cooking their favorite food. Especially on weekends, you can grill hot dogs, grilled veggies, or hamburgers. Therefore while cooking these types of food you need some great equipment for your ease. Using a different type of barbeque grill is one of the most convenient ways for you to opt for. But before that, you need to perform some cleaning and maintenance activity for your BBQ grill. There are multiple types of these grills, for example, you can have a cast iron grill or a stainless steel grill. Choosing the best quality grill is up to the people. These different types of grills need proper care because if you are using stainless steel, it’s the best option to choose. This grill is naturally resistant and rust-free.

Same as if you are using a cast iron grill, it is best for stoves. You can use these grills for making sweet steaks. But before that, you have to take care of these grills because they can remain useful for more than a decade. Sometimes, the grease and oil remain on these grills and this can make your food unhygienic. So, you have to be a little more careful while cleaning your grills. Either you are using charcoal or gas grills. Otherwise, this can have a very diverse effect on your health.

Here are some of the proper ways to clean and maintain your Barbeque grill:

Keep your Barbeque grill in top shape with our care guide

Clean Grill Before Use:

Whether you are using a Barbeque grill for the first time or every season, you have to give it a proper clean for your health. If you just bought your grill and are using it for the first time, still you have to take care of it. Roll up your sleeves and here are some of the types of equipment that you are going to use for your cast iron or stainless grill. This technique will keep your grill clean and rust-free for a longer period.

Grill brush:

First, you are going to have a grill brush which can be foam or wire. Using what type of brush will depend on your grill type. If you are having a stainless grill, it is suggested not to use the wire grill. This can damage the stainless surface. Using a foam brush is a good option for that.

Scour sponge:

This one is a heavy-duty scouring sponge. You can use it for removing grease from the grill. The best thing about this sponge is this will not damage the sensitive parts of the equipment.

Use dish soap:

There are many cleaning dish soaps and liquids that you can use to clean up the grills for proper cleaning. These dish soaps can be of multiple types for example, if you want to use it for tenacious grill grime it is suggested to use the dish soap named green all-purpose cleaner for better cleaning. 

Use dish gloves:

For all these cleaning purposes, it is suggested to use dish gloves. Because sometimes, you can hurt your hands with a wire sponge or even some type of soap can cause itching. Therefore, it is better to use gloves during your grill cleaning.

Soak your grill: 

After properly using the soap and sponge. You have to soak it for some time before in some detergents like for 30 to 40 minutes. This will help you to remove any kind of grease or oil. Especially if you are using stainless steel. It is suggested to soak it for some more time. Because removing grease from water is a better option for removing any burner-control knobs than using any type of equipment. So, stripping out your grill in this way will help you to clean it in a much easier way.

Use a vacuum cleaner:

Once you have washed your BBQ grill, use a vacuum cleaner. Start it by putting an empty bucket below the firebox to catch all the remaining debris. Moreover, you can use a plastic knife to remove the remaining debris inside the firebox area.

Scrub it a little more:

After you have done cleaning it and still it has some of the debris. There is another way to clean it. Take out the grates and panels of your BBQ grill and scrub them with a wire brush. Still, if your grill has some stubborn crud, there is a way to remove them. Make a paste of white vinegar and baking soda for your BBQ grill. Apply it directly on the worst cake-on bits. Leave the grill for some time, like for 15 to 20 minutes. But make sure that you have applied this thoroughly on the dry cast iron grill grates. Because sometimes this can leave rust on it and that can damage the grill.


After some time, wash it with clear water and then coat it with some type of oil to form a protective layer.

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Clean BBQ Grill Before and After Every Use:

So, above mentioned are the ways to clean your BBQ grill. But here is a thing even if you are storing your grill at the end of the season at some store. It is suggested that before packing it, take proper care like washing it with some type of dish soap and drying it. This will help you to keep your BBQ grill safe and secure from rust, dirt, and dust.

And even when the BBQ season is here take out the grill and it is suggested to wash it again properly for the reuse purpose.

Go and Read Some of the Basic Instructions:  

For cleaning and maintenance, there are always the basic instructions given by the company for their users on the box of the grill. And if you just bought a BBQ grill and have no basic idea. You can get all the basic information from there, for example how to clean your stainless or cast iron grill. Because, sometimes, cast iron, or stainless steel grills need some specific recommendations for cleaning. So, it is suggested to read all the proper instructions for cleaning purposes of your BBQ grills.


Summing UP:

In the end, it is suggested to take care of your BBQ grills. No matter what type of grill you are using whether it’s a stainless steel grill or the cast iron. Use the special instructions to maintain your equipment for longer use.


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