Fourth Of July - Independence Day Celebrations & Preparations - Aug, 2015

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United States of America is a country that is divided into 2, namely the North and South. Northern America consists of 52 states that cover’s a huge area in the North and the capital city of America is Washington D.C. As we all know that we are just around the corner for one of the most appreciated and remembered day in the history of the world. Yes! It’s our Mother Land’s Birthday, so what are we going to do special on 4th of July (Independence Day)? Many of us really don’t go back in history of this day, when people of New England started a war against the British for freedom. Hoped shined for us by many but the efforts of two people Thomas Jefferson and John Adams is highly remembered to this very day. There were many other super heroes, such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington etc that lifted our spirits to have one united country that lead us to become number one.

Independence Day at New York

Many cities of United States have emerged to be revenue generating industries but one of the most popular cities of the world; New York holds all financial and cultural centers. As we are planning to celebrate Independence Day throughout our country, every state is looking forward to revolutionize the celebration by organizing events, parades. Everyone in America is going to participate in the events of 4th of July, especially our friends that have traveled from faraway lands and have been a part in the success of our country. For many years, Independence Day is being celebrated with high passionate individuals with loads of fun and joy. There are people traveling from different states with their families and friends to enjoy Independence. People have started to show their appreciation by putting up different flyers and flags. Some have put up massive flags out of their homes; also flags are visible on vehicles. I still would repeat the question what are we going to do special on Independence Day 2015? In the past, we have always tried to make this day special with our families and friends by dining out, watching sporting events, beach parties, fireworks display, family reunions, concerts, barbecues, parades and so much more. Many people in USA also enjoy this day as a summer holiday. It’s a federal holiday, we as a citizen of America should think of some special ways to celebrate this day! However, there are more ways that we should also look when celebrating this special holiday. This year events are being held, I have listed some popular events below so that you can make the most out of this federal holiday:

  1. The Rose Bowl
  2. Hollywood Bowl Overlook
  3. Grand park
  4. Pacific Palisades
  5. Hollywood Bowl
  6. Marina Del Rey
  7. Hollywood Cemetery
  8. Long Beach

Where to Celebrate Fourth Of July

There are several states that are organizing parades, you could participate by reaching nearest locations:
  1. Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade
  2. Fourth of July Americafest at the Rose Bowl
  3. Fourth of July Block Party
  4. Huntington Beach Fourth of July Celebration
  5. July Fourth Late Night BBQ at Aquarium of the Pacific
  6. July 4th Fireworks in Marina del Rey
  7. All-American 4th of July on the Queen Mary

Why to Remember this Day

Remember this day is not just to enjoy but it’s one of those day in which you have to remember sacrifices made by our ancestors that have given their lives for us, so we can be free from slavery. These famous personalities are the ones that should be thankful for because by their vision gave us a lifestyle that we are thankful for. Regardless the parties and the happening events, it’s a day to thank GOD for our countries happiness and peace. To do that, we all should go to Church, temples and mosques to pray for our country’s prosperity in the future. We are thankful for personalities such as, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other martyr’s that brought us freedom since 1776. On Independence Day 2015, businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Malls and many others, provide us deals and offers for people so they can enjoy shopping. We as one of the top companies that display Deals, offers, online coupons and promo codes at your finger tips absolutely free of cost from your favorite brands and outlets.

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