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One household staple that runs out quickly if you did not have a huge stockpile would be toilet paper. For this reason its a good idea to know about some alternatives for toilet paper. Toilet paper uses our natural resources of trees and alternatives would also reduce if not eliminate our carbon print and would be environmentally friendly.  

What were some alternatives for toilet paper in the past?

Back in ancient times, the Romans used a sea sponge on a stick. They would clean themselves with it and then rinse it in the running water, after that leave it soaking in salt water in between uses.

In colonial times, people used corncobs, and later, old newspapers and catalogs to clean themselves up.

Best Toilet Paper Alternatives:

1) Handheld Bidet Sprayer:

Water is the best cleanser for any situation and can help you feel fresh any time. Handheld bidets are the smartest way to add this healthy toileet paper alternative in any bathroom big or small. These days you don't even need a seperate plumbing system and these bidets fit in right with the plumbing for your toilet. The installation is also very simple and takes 20-30 minutes to insatll the whole thing and start using it in your bathroom

Here are the top handheld bidets in the market which can be ordered from the comfort of your home and insatlled without any professional help:

1) SmarterFresh Lifetime Hand Held Bidet Sprayer at Amazon

If you love to order from Amazon here is one more reason to absolutely take advantage of their next day delivery. This alternative to toilet paper has the 98% satisfaction rating at Amazon in terms of quality of the fixture and ease of installation. It comes with complete installation kit with two mounting options and two flow speeds for the water. The construction is in 304 stainless steel and T-valve takes the stress off of the sprayer wheen not in use for durability. Available for $79.95 and free shipping in brass or stainless steal finish

2) GAPPO Bidets bathroom toilet shower bidet at Aliexpress:

For half the price and some extended shipping time you can order this alternative to toilet paper from China. Since its from Aliexpress you can save a lot of money with several coupons and get upto 54% Off on this bidet at Aliexpress. It has four different styles to choose from and can be shipped as quickly as four days with extended shipping options.

3) ChromeToilet Handheld bidet Sprayer Self-Cleaning Vintage at Lightinthebox

If you have a vintage bathroom or a small powder room this little bidet would surely fit right into its new environment. Its lightweight but made with high quality brass for durability. The only requirement is to buy a thread adapter which is also available at Lightinthebox to make sure the snug fit on North American water supply thread. Right now available at 26% Off plus another $5 off on $50 total purchase at Lightinthebox from

2) Biodegradable Flushable Baby wipes:

When you are on the go its always a good idea to keep these at hand for quick cleaning needs in public bathrooms or wiping your hands.They come in all different kinds of perfumes and even unscented for sensitive skin. Here are the top choices for this alternative to toilet paper from us:

1) Flushable Baby wipes from Target:

Starting at the price of $1.39 for 72 wipes, these are great for savers and people on the go with kids. The texture is cloth like for a comfortable clean and free of alcohal and dyes. Also contains Vitamin E and aloe vera to make your clean gentle to the sensitive skin.

2) Combat Wipes GAIA at Amazon:

These wipes are designed especially for a woman's body. Being alcohol-free, pH balanced, with cranberry and calendula, Combat Wipe's GAIA are made to soothe as you wipe. They are extra-thick, conveniently large (7.1” x 8.3”) and designed with a unique texture that cleans better with every wipe.

3) Flushable Wipes at Walmart:

Walmart has not only their generic brand available but wipes from all different retailers around USA. The shipping details are also different for each brand of wipe and includes same day pickup for certain brands at the store. Check out this walmart page for the savings and your immediate wiping needs.

In the end if you do not have any other option you can always use the old rags or even newspapers like back in industrial age, but hopefully with our given solutions it will not come to that resort. So out with the old (toilet paper) and in with the new and save money with while doing that. Keep Cleaning and be Healthy!


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