5 Best Shoes At OrthoFeet For Women With Back Pain

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5 Best Shoes At OrthoFeet For Women With Back Pain

OrthoFeet offers the most comfortable and functional shoes with orthotic insoles and socks for those who have back pain. OrthoFeet staff has researched this issue for decades and has come up with the solution: shoes that are therapeutic and comfortable for people with black pain problems. You can find Orthofeet shoes on sale at the most reasonable prices. People with diabetes can find Orthofeet diabetic shoes at the most discounted prices with OrthoFeet coupon codes

How painful it can be for a person with an ailment or arthritis to walk to a store and look for shoes that fulfill all the requirements that are suggested by the physician. OrthoFeet’s biomedical engineers have built unique footwear that is designed to ease the problems of those suffering from foot conditions like calluses, neuroma, Heel and Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, and corns. These are particularly designed for people having other problems that are directly affected by foot and back problems like Neuropathy, diabetes, and arthritis. OrthoFeet Diabetic shoes are very popular for those with high body sugar that causes pain in bones and muscles.

Orthofeet also offers high heels that are biomechanically engineered for fashion lovers. OrthoFeet’s products have helped millions. Its Therapeutic Shoes, Orthotic Shoes, OrthoFeet Diabetic Shoes, Removable Insoles, Arthritic Shoes, and Foot Orthotics are most loved by people with foot and back pains.  


Some Features Of OrhoFeet Back Pain Shoes

Orthofeet Women Support Orthotic Sandals

The shoes you find in ordinary stores are not specially designed for health and wellness. They are neither designed for people needing orthotic footwear. OrthoFeet footwear is designed keeping in mind the needs of people with back pain. The features listed below are also some of the features you should be looking for when purchasing shoes even if you do not have any back or foot issues. However, the following features in OrthoFeet shoes help ease back pain.

OrthoFeet shoes have an Orthotic insole. It is crucial to have an arch on the sole of the shoe to suppose the arch of the foot. A good insole should be anatomically designed so that it keeps the foot neutral minimizing pronation. It automatically aligns the sole with the entire body that is legs, knees, hips, and of course lower back. OrthoFeet has different types of arches. There are shoes that have adjustable arches as well. There is one more important feature of these shoes and that is Shock Absorption. If your feet are cushioned properly then the forces affecting your body through your feet will not impact your body directly. The shocks are absorbed and dispersed by the material used in these soles. Then comes another important feature, which, for some, is the most important feature and that is the Shape of the shoe. No cover can give the best efficiency if it does not fit the product. OrthoFeet shoes fit your feet’s unique shape so that your feet can function properly. This experience of comfort. The right shape of the shoes makes the feet move freely and it doesn’t impact your walk. There are different kinds of widths available and Extra depth is given to the shoes so that your feet feel more comfortable and prevent back pain issues from developing. And one more most-important feature is that you can find these OrthoFeet shoes on sale as well.  


Francis No-Tie Sneakers

Orthofeet Francis No Tie on sale

These tennis shoes come in a wide range of colors to suit any color outfit. They are made of stretchable knitted fabric. Even if you are suffering from swelling, hammertoes, or bunions, this material takes the pressure from the areas of the feet that have problems. 

These shoes are designed by pedorthists, medical professionals, and engineers. They understand the mechanism of the walk and how the human body gets impacted in such conditions. The orthotic insole that is anatomically designed keeps feet and limbs in the proper position. This prevents back pain. 

When we look at the design and the material used to make these shoes we see that the thick materials used to make its 5 layers of insole disperse shocks and help in the softer landing of the feet. When less amount of force is absorbed the forces absorbed by the feet do not reach up towards the back.

These shoes do not come with shoelaces but rather have a no-tie bungee cord. This ensures that you do not have to bend down to tie the lace and your feet get in and out of your shoes easily. This cord is adjustable and can be tightened and loosened like any traditional lace. The outsole is made up of special rubber with a unique tread pattern. This increases traction and gives a tight grip to your feet on wet surfaces. These OrthoFeet Shoes on sale are available in gray, maroon, navy, and rose.


Malibu Sandals

 Orthofeet Malibu Two Way Strap Pewter on sale

The weather doesn’t remain the same throughout the year, so you will need a pair of sandals that you can weather during summer as well if you are looking for something comfortable because of your back pain. Malibu sandals are the perfect ones for this purpose. 

Its quarter strap design is secure for your foot and looks classy as well. You can adjust every strap on the sandal according to your comfort. If your feet swell during a busy day you can adjust the straps. The design is such that you can strap and unstrap the sandals from either side from the toe side and the heel. 

The shock-absorbing cushion of these sandals keeps you safe from back pain and its rocker bottom sole keeps your back pain-free by rolling the forces equally on your feet. People often looking for OrthoFeet Diabetic shoes land on these and they are a good choice for women with diabetes. 

Malibu is available in many colors like pewter, black, cream, and brown, and sizes from small to extra wide (2E).



Orthofeet Louise slipper on sale

One shouldn’t walk barefoot even in the house unless you have an enclosed place that is cleaned regularly. But this walk may hurt if you have back pain issues so it is advisable to wear a pair of slippers that can give your feet support and are comfortable. 

This OrthoFeet Louise slipper is another most popular design demanded by people with and without back pain issues and foot conditions. These durable slippers are well constructed with all the features of an orthotic shoe. You can wear these slippers outside your house too. They do not have any footbed but have the signature orthotic insole which is made out of several layers of different density foams. This controls overpronation and redistributes, the forces acting on your feet and body. 

Louise is excellent for many types of feet. Its upper part is made up of stretch fabric. They are perfect for warmer weather and for those who like to walk for perspiring. Its functional strap gives a tight grip to the foot to prevent slipping. Louise is available in tan and black colors. 

One important tip: you shouldn’t buy just any shoes because they are cheaper, even the most suggested designs and recommended shoes for women with back pain are available at very reasonable prices. OrthoFeet Shoes on sale can often be bought by paying half the actual price.


Sanibel Mary Jane

Orthofeet Sanibel Heel Strap - Black on sale

Sanibel Mary Janes combines fashion with style giving you a more feminine look that can be worn under a nice summer dress. It not only gives you 100% protection from stress on your feet to prevent back pain but also has breathable fabric on top to circulate air giving your feet a cool-off.  

Its instep strap has a lot of padding. This prevents skin irritation and keeps your feet conformable for hours. The strap can be loosened and tightened with ease. The strap around the heel area makes it easier to expand or reduce the heel area for the foot that is wider in the back. You can forget your back pain if you choose Sanibel Mary Janes because of the arch-shaped insole which straightens the feet aligning it with your lower leg, thigh, and lower back. 

Even in these, you will find multi-layer cushioning foam insole as shock absorbers. The minimal heel rocks the foot forward, facilitating gait. 


Gaya Flip Flops

Orthofeet Gaya - Pewter on sale

Thinking about Flip flops when you already have a back pain issue? It’s a big No! They lack support and cushioning. Flip Flops are made from a material that makes the foot and body ache. But if you choose Gaya at OrthoFeet you can satisfy your craving of wearing Flip flops and still be safe from back pain and swelling of your feet. 

Gaya flip flop is a post-toe orthotic sandal with all the features of orthotic shoes. The multi-layer cushioning of the insole is actually good for your back. Wearing these flip flips will keep your posture straight, keep your body and feet aligned and prevent your back from stress and pain. Their design, with an adjustable instep sole, allows you to adjust the sandals according to your need. Its toe post is soft and has a slim silhouette preventing your feet from rubbing in between the toes. The top cover, treated with anti-microbial technology, wicks moisture and prevents your feet from fungus and bacteria that make be built because of moisture and constant use. This can be dangerous for people with diabetes. So it’s best to buy these OrthoFeet Diabetics shoes instead of buying just any shoes.

Gaya flip-flops are available in pewter color and they are be worn with any outfit. If you love going out in summer with a causal look flaunting your toes, there is nothing better than Gaya flip-flops!


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