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About Ritchie Swimwear

Looking for the perfect swimsuit then contact Ritchie Swimwear Based in Miami, Florida, they have been in business since 1980 and have a great selection of bikini tops and bottoms, which help consumers creating their own look. They have retail stores, franchise shops around the world, as well as selling in other shops and department stores around the world. The bikinis have appeared in Sports Illustrated over 7 times, on the worlds most famous models. Now, they have partnered with ex model Maria Checa bringing exciting new styles and pricing with the same quality, spirit and drive that has made Ritchie swimwear so successful.

Have you ever been frustrated that you cannot find the mixture of colors and sizes you want in a swimsuit? The Ritchie Swimwear Bikini Mixer page is the solution to your problem. Mix and match colors and sizes to match your vision of the perfect swimsuit, not to mention the ideal fit for your body. Add your selections to a virtual dressing room so you can view, compare, and edit your desired tops and bottoms before you proceed to the convenient shopping cart for secure purchases. Currently they are offering up to 70% off in sales and free shipping on all orders over $100.

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