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Swarovski Christmas Tree Shop


From brightly wrapped Christmas presents to family and friends, the Christmas tree is the focal point of every holiday gathering. Brightly colored bulbs, twinkling lights and handmade ornaments help create that special festive look, but often a little something extra is needed to make the tree stunning. Adding Swarovski Christmas crystals, ornaments & jewelry is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance and shine to any holiday tree. Keeping the thing in mind, Shopping Spout U.S. has featured a blog on Swarovski Christmas Tree Shop with best of the deals for our consumers.

Christmas Ornament, Silver Star


This Christmas Ornament, Silver Star ($35.00 at Swarovski) from Swarovski embodies the cheerful allure of the Holiday season. It is finely crafted into a beautiful and uniquely designed snowflake in sparkling clear crystal. This collectible piece dangles from a white satin ribbon, and could be used as a Christmas gift.

Poinsettia Ornament, Silver Tone


Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, the Poinsettia Ornament, Silver Tone ($43.00 at Swarovski) brings warmth to the home. Inspired by the Poinsettia flower, this beautiful ornament combines red crystal with silver-tone metal details available at Swaroski Christmas Tree Shop. It comes on a silver-colored satin ribbon and could be a perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones.



Celebrate the season with this charming Snowman ($100.00 at Swarovski)! Sparkling in clear crystal, this Snowman is dressed up for Christmas wearing a light white Santa hat and face decorated with red nose along with black shadow eyes. The ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree or displayed on a table top.



This cute 2015 Swarovski Owl ($140.00 at Swarovski) sparkles in clear crystal with ears, wings, and nose in golden shadow crystal. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and protection. It’s ideal for displays in the curio cabinets all year long and fits all our ornaments.

Happy Duck - Santa & Reindeer


A new Swarovski Happy Duck - Santa & Reindeer ($160.00 at Swarovski)! One Happy Duck has chosen a Santa outfit with hat and scarf, while the other sports brown lacquered reindeer horns with a red textile necklace and silver metal bell. Both shine in Light Topaz crystal. Could be a perfect decoration piece along with Christmas Tree!

Kris Bear - You & I


Swarovski present their Kris Bear - You & I ($165.00 at Swarovski)! This limited edition figurine see our favourite Swarovksi Kris Bear character dressed as a snowman in clear, black crystal complete with top hat and snowwoman with a purple flower standing besides as a joyful way to bring the magic of Christmas and beauty of Swarovski to your home.

Disney - Winnie The Pooh Christmas Ornament


Cover your eyes, Piglet! And let’s hope Eeyore doesn’t see this. An ornament featuring this honey of a bear Disney - Winnie The Pooh Christmas Ornament ($200.00 at Swarovski) looks darling on the tree and is a sweet way to celebrate babys first Christmas. Buy the ornament here at Swarovski Christmas Tree Shop if you dare.

Angel Sophia


The Swarovski Christmas Angel Sophia Angel Sophia ($395.00 at Swarovski) is the perfect way to add a touch of tranquil beauty into your home. Angel Sophia has a sophisticated look and has been carefully crafted from clear crystal. The Swarovski Christmas Angel Sophia is perfect for use as a Christmas ornament or will make a great addition to any other Swarovski collection. Also makes a superb Christmas gift for a friend or loved one.

Santa Claus


Santa Claus ($395.00 at Swarovski), the ultimate symbol of Christmas! This playful figurine sparkles in vibrant red and clear crystal with a white lacquered moustache along with gift boxes. This Santa Claus with Santas Helper helps bring a touch of playfulness to the home. Great to decorate a festive table, hung in windows, or can be presented on the elegant Christmas Ornament Home Display.




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